Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 2 with: Bert Monroy

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Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 2  with: Bert Monroy

Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 2 with: Bert Monroy
Running Time: 2.75 hours | english | 400 mb | .mov files

Photorealism with Bert Monroy: Volume 2 once again takes you inside the creative mind of renowned artist Bert Monroy, and shows you how to create ultra-realistic images using Adobe Photoshop. This follow-up to his previous and extremely popular "Photorealism" title showcases Bert Monroy's personal methods for creating realistic details to enhance a digital image. Learn to make rusty text, a glazed donut, fireworks, an antique photo, a speeding bullet, and much more. You'll learn to master the pen tool, layers, alpha channels, and masking by watching and following along with one of the great digital artists of today. Though these movies were created using Adobe's latest release of Photoshop CS, the principles and techniques apply to older versions of both programs, as well as to other paint or vector-based drawing tools. Once again, lynda.com is very pleased to bring you Bert's work, and we hope you will find this training as exciting as we do!

Table of contents
Introductionwelcome 0:28 2 MB

Photorealism Volume 2rusty text 11:44 20.4 MB
plastic sign 10:30 15.9 MB
lightning 8:21 13.7 MB
extract 7:12 12.9 MB
icy letters 10:02 16.7 MB
metal plate 11:13 19 MB
antique photo 4:36 7.4 MB
speeding bullet 5:14 5.6 MB
donut 13:44 22.5 MB
bottle glass composition 6:47 10.5 MB
the pen tool 13:40 18.1 MB
waving banner 12:11 15.6 MB
fireworks 9:47 13.9 MB
stitch 6:55 10.4 MB
alpha channel 5:39 6.9 MB
texture map 5:20 9.3 MB
layer mask reveal 3:24 5.8 MB
large scans 6:42 12.5 MB
colorizing comics 7:55 13.3 MB
match color 2:37 4.4 MB
blend if 4:27 7.3 MB
wedding photo 2:16 3.9 MB

Conclusiongoodbye 0:26 1.9 MB