Photoshop CS2 FAQs with: Peter Bauer

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Photoshop CS2 FAQs  with: Peter Bauer

Photoshop CS2 FAQs with: Peter Bauer
Running Time: 4.75 hours | english | one cd 450 mb | .mov files

How many times a day when you are using Photoshop do you stop and ask yourself a question that begins something like "How do I…" or "Where is…" or "What the…"? Rather than pulling out your hair in frustration, watch Photoshop CS2 FAQs with Peter Bauer! This video-based tutorial is a terrific resource designed to help you find the answers to more than 100 of the questions most frequently asked by typical Photoshop users. Each video in this title provides an answer to a specific question. Questions like "How can I reset Photoshop's Preferences?"; "How can I find the new features in Photoshop CS2?"; and "What do I do when Photoshop tells me it can't save my file?" are all covered in this tutorial. You will learn how to set up Photoshop to create the most trouble-free working environment and how to solve dozens of common problems faced when working with this complex and powerful program. You will also gain an understanding of key Photoshop concepts along the way. So the next time you get stumped by something in Photoshop and are ready to scream, turn to Peter and his Photoshop CS2 FAQs instead.

Table of contents
IntroductionWelcome 1:00 4.6 MB

1. InstallingWhat should I do before installing Photoshop? 3:58 5.1 MB
How should I setup my hardware for best operation? 6:22 7.8 MB
How should I install Photoshop? 4:00 8.3 MB
What's the best way to install third party plug-ins? 3:11 4.4 MB

2. Preferences and the InterfaceWhat are the key Preference settings? 23:45 34.4 MB
How can I reset the Preferences? 3:22 4.3 MB
What is the History Log and how do I use it? 2:57 4.8 MB
Why would I use percent as a unit of measure? 1:25 2.2 MB
What are the various cursor options and how do I change between them? 2:28 2.8 MB
How can I find the new features in Photoshop CS2? 1:15 2.2 MB
How do I change or add a keyboard shortcut? 1:34 2 MB
How do I customize menus? 1:19 2.1 MB
Can I delete filters I never use? 1:13 1.9 MB
How can I streamline the list of color profiles? 1:55 3.6 MB
What is the Status Bar and how can it help me? 6:00 9.1 MB
How do I create and use Tool presets? 1:58 2.3 MB
What is the difference between the Adobe and Operating System dialog boxes? 1:22 2.5 MB

3. Color Settings and Color ManagementHow can I determine which color settings to use? 3:05 5.4 MB
When should I use sRGB as my working space? 0:58 1.3 MB
Is Adobe RGB a better working space? 2:10 4.1 MB
Why would I use CMYK color? 1:51 3.5 MB
Should I color-manage grayscale images? 1:20 2.4 MB
What should I do when I get the Missing Profile or Embedded Profile Mismatch dialog box? 1:26 2.5 MB
How can I make my prints match my screen? 1:59 3.4 MB
Can I print grayscale images on my inkjet printer? 1:26 2.7 MB
How can I create a sepia look in my images? 3:15 5.8 MB
What is a Spot Color and when can I use one? 2:34 4.7 MB
Can I use a Spot Color in an RGB image that will be printed on an inkjet? 0:52 1.4 MB

4. Solving and Preventing Common ProblemsWhat steps should I take when Photoshop doesn't work properly? 8:25 13.3 MB
Why is Photoshop "beeping" at me? 0:40 0.8 MB
How can I help prevent problems? 3:58 4.4 MB
How can I edit a Drop Shadow or other Layer Style? 4:15 8.2 MB
What should I do if my Blending Mode effects change when flattening? 2:01 3.2 MB
What is "noise" and how can I avoid or reduce it? 3:50 6.2 MB
What's the best way to eliminate red eye? 2:38 3.7 MB
What do I do when I get a Not Enough Memory to Save dialog box? 1:45 3 MB
Is there an easy way to remove or reduce wrinkles? 2:38 4.9 MB
Why can't I see the text when I type? 1:09 1.2 MB
Can I scale a selection and keep sharp corners and angles? 2:06 4 MB
How do I create a stroke with sharp corners instead of rounded corners? 1:40 3.2 MB
How do I undo a Save? 1:00 1.6 MB
How can I quickly see a "before and after" comparison? 1:54 3.2 MB

5. Critical Photoshop ConceptsWhat is "resolution"? 5:49 8.2 MB
Which file format should I use? 7:18 11.4 MB
What are "layers" and how do they work? 8:32 13.7 MB
How do I create transparent images? 3:59 7.1 MB
What is the difference between Opacity and Fill Opacity? 1:07 1.9 MB
What is the difference between raster and vector? 2:31 4.7 MB
What are Blending Modes and how do I use them? 3:04 4.9 MB
What are Actions and how do I use them? 3:12 5.4 MB
How do I record a custom Action? 6:15 10.1 MB
What is a Script and how can I learn more about scripting? 1:52 2.7 MB

6. Making Tough SelectionsWhen do I use the Magic Wand? 1:10 2 MB
What is Quick Mask mode? 2:45 3.9 MB
How can I preview the results of a ''feathered'' selection? 1:09 2 MB
How can I make Extract work for me? 5:05 7.9 MB
When should I use the Color Range command? 2:07 3.3 MB
Can I use Channels to make a selection? 1:58 3.4 MB
What if I need to save and reuse a selection? 1:31 2.8 MB
What is Difference Masking? 3:43 6.2 MB

7. Essential Color Correction TechniquesWhat is "temperature" and how do I control it? 4:36 7.9 MB
How do I improve the contrast in my photos? 1:20 2.4 MB
How do I eliminate a color cast or tint in an image? 2:56 4.2 MB
What's the best way to create a grayscale version of my color image? 1:56 3.6 MB

8. Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe BridgeWhat is Adobe Camera Raw and when do I need it? 1:33 3 MB
What is a DNG file? 2:15 2.8 MB
How can I turn off the Auto Adjustments and start with something closer to my needs? 1:32 2.4 MB
How do I get my images to open in Photoshop when I double-click on them in Bridge? 1:16 2.5 MB
Why won't Photoshop or Bridge work with my Raw images? 2:41 5.3 MB
What's the difference between Rating and Labeling images in Bridge? 1:28 2.6 MB
How can I work with my Raw files in Bridge without opening Photoshop? 0:51 1.6 MB
Can I open a Raw file in Photoshop without opening Camera Raw? 0:38 1.3 MB
How do I process multiple Raw files at the same time? 1:42 2.9 MB
How can I get Bridge to open automatically when I launch Photoshop? 0:44 0.9 MB
Should I use a Centralized Cache file or Distributed Cache files in Bridge? 1:33 2.6 MB
Can I create a metadata template to add copyright information to my images? 1:40 3 MB
After I've processed my Raw file into Photoshop, why can't I save it as a JPEG? 0:51 1.6 MB

9. Resizing and Resembling ImagesHow large of a print can I output from my file? 2:06 3.2 MB
In the Image Size dialog box, what are Bicubic, Bicubic Sharper, and Bicubic Smoother and which one should I use? 2:15 4 MB
Is there a plug-in that can enlarge images with better results? 1:53 3.7 MB

10. ToolsHow do I get the Clone Stamp or Healing Brush results on a separate layer? 2:07 3 MB
How do I prevent "bleed" when working with the Healing Brush? 0:51 1.3 MB
How do I reset all of the Tool options? 1:03 1.9 MB
Why can't I see the Free Transform handles? 0:44 1.4 MB
What happened to my Brush-sized cursor? I only see a crosshair. 0:54 1.5 MB
How do I reset the Foreground and Background colors? 1:01 1.3 MB

11. LayersWhat's a Background Layer? 1:25 2.7 MB
How do I create a new layer under the active layer instead of above? 0:29 0.9 MB
How do I link Layers in Photoshop CS2? 1:09 2 MB
What's the difference between ''linking'' and ''grouping''? 2:08 3.8 MB
What is a Smart Object? 3:44 6.7 MB
How do I restrict an adjustment layer to one layer? 1:10 2.2 MB
How do I restrict an adjustment layer to some, but not all, layers? 0:58 1.7 MB
What are Clipping Groups and when do I use them? 1:53 3.8 MB

12. Type and Text in PhotoshopHow do I add text to an image? 4:59 8.6 MB
Can I make a line of text bend or turn? 1:00 1.5 MB
Does Photoshop support Type Containers? 2:00 4 MB
Why does my Font menu cut off before the last font? 1:20 2.6 MB
How can I fill text with a picture? 1:32 3.1 MB
Can I make a transparent copyright notice, like my stock photo company uses? 1:44 3.3 MB
How do I make type flow along a path? 2:26 3.2 MB
How can I make text go around an object or image? 1:59 3.7 MB
Can I make the type on a circle stay upright at the top and bottom of the circle? 3:02 4.5 MB

13. Paths and ShapesWhat are Paths and when should I use them? 2:17 4.4 MB
How do I edit the shape of a Path? 1:34 1.7 MB
What is the difference between a Shape Layer and a Work Path? 2:44 4.3 MB
How can I convert between Selections and Paths? 1:07 2.1 MB
Is there a way to subtract from a Path, like the hole in the middle of the donut? 2:19 2.8 MB
What is a Clipping Path, when do I need one, and how do I make one? 1:47 3.6 MB

14. Other Common QuestionsWhy is there a number displayed in the upper-left corner of the image window? 0:47 1.4 MB
What are the symbols after RGB/8 in the title bar of my image window? 1:06 2 MB
Can I preview what my image would look like on a Windows computer if I use a Mac? 0:54 1.4 MB
What is Version Cue? 2:16 3.8 MB
How do I restore the palettes? 0:38 1.3 MB
Why can't I see the dialog box I am trying to use? 1:48 3.1 MB
Can I reset a dialog box without having to cancel and reopen? 0:50 1.4 MB
Why are some of the menu items grayed out? 1:33 2.8 MB

ConclusionWhere can I get further assistance? 2:34 5.2 MB
Goodbye 0:36 2.8 MB