"High Performance Parallel Computing" ed. by Satyadhyan Chickerur

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"High Performance Parallel Computing" ed. by Satyadhyan Chickerur

"High Performance Parallel Computing" ed. by Satyadhyan Chickerur
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789856248 9781789856248 178985623X 9781789856231 | 106 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book aims to present the state of the art in research and development of the convergence of high-performance computing and parallel programming for various engineering and scientific applications. The book has consolidated algorithms, techniques, and methodologies to bridge the gap between the theoretical foundations of academia and implementation for research, which might be used in business and other real-time applications in the future.

The book outlines techniques and tools used for emergent areas and domains, which include acceleration of large-scale electronic structure simulations with heterogeneous parallel computing, characterizing power and energy efficiency of a data-centric high-performance computing runtime and applications, security applications of GPUs, parallel implementation of multiprocessors on MPI using FDTD, particle-based fused rendering, design and implementation of particle systems for mesh-free methods with high performance, and evolving topics on heterogeneous computing. In the coming days the need to converge HPC, IoT, cloud-based applications will be felt and this volume tries to bridge that gap.

1.Introductory Chapter: High Performance Parallel Computing
2.Acceleration of Large-Scale Electronic Structure Simulations with Heterogeneous Parallel Computing
3.Characterizing Power and Energy Efficiency of Legion Data-Centric Runtime and Applications on Heterogeneous High-Performance Computing Systems
4.Security Applications of GPUs
5.Particle-Based Fused Rendering
6.Design and Implementation of Particle Systems for Meshfree Methods with High Performance

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