"Psychosis: Biopsychosocial and Relational Perspectives" ed. by Floriana Irtelli

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"Psychosis: Biopsychosocial and Relational Perspectives" ed. by Floriana Irtelli

"Psychosis: Biopsychosocial and Relational Perspectives" ed. by Floriana Irtelli
ITExLi | 2019 | ISBN: 1789840201 9781789840209 1789840198 9781789840193 | 96 pages | PDF | 5 MB

This book collects chapters from a number of scientists all over the world, giving their contribution to the comprehension and clinical management of psychosis. The book adopts a perspective that respects the complexity of the human person and his/her relationships. It devotes a space both to the deepening of the more strictly biological aspects, the psychological aspects and the social aspects.

Each section of the book (biological, psychological, social) reveals a deep connection with the themes of the other sections, showing the strength of this biopsychosocial interweaving. The relationship and the interweaving between these different areas is certainly a foundation of our existence and constitutes a law to which we cannot escape, so it is necessary that the biopsyosocial model is always considered in the interventions for the psychotic patient. This book also focuses on some specific and very innovative topics such as the importance of psychosocial factors and family factors, complementary approaches to psychosis managment, subclinical psychosis and relational aspects of psychosis.

1.Subtypes of Psychotic-Like Experiences and Their Significance for Mental Health
2.From Vulnerability to Resilience: A Coping Related Approach to Psychosis
3.Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia: Description and Cognitive Familiar Endophenotypes. A Review of the Literature
4.The Ambit of Phytotherapy in Psychotic Care
5.Insight in Psychosis: An Integrated Perspective

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