Gnomon workshop - Matchmoving Advanced Production Techniques

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Gnomon workshop - Matchmoving Advanced Production Techniques

Gnomon workshop - Matchmoving Advanced Production Techniques
170 Minutes of Lecture | 1.17 GB (Highly Compressed Original ISO) (40x30 Mb)

In this DVD, Tim Dobbert takes you through the more advanced aspects of matchmoving and camera tracking. He discusses how to use survey data to force a camera solution to fit a pre-built environment and how to use camera tracking for paint work. He also covers blending, enhancing and extending match- moved cameras. Tim shows you how to prepare for a live-action shoot and how to get the right information once you're on-set. There's also a section on advanced object tracking that shows how to use an object's motion to create a camera move. And finally, he covers the tricky problem of lens distortion and how it affects the visual effects workflow. Tim uses a variety of software packages for this lecture including Maya, Boujou, MatchMover, SynthEyes and After Effects.

Using Survey Data
Matchmoves for Paint Work
Enhancing and Blending Cameras
Tracking a Camera Using an Object
On-set Matchmove Tips
Dealing with Lens Distortion

01: Using Survey Data for Camera Solutions
02: Using Matchmoves for Paint Work
03: Enhancing a Matchmoved Camera
04: Blending Multiple Matchmoved Cameras
05: Using an Object1s Motion for a Camera Move
06: On-Set Matchmove Tips
07: Lens Distortion

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