Satin Whale – Don't Stop The Show (1981) (24/44 Vinyl Rip)

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Satin Whale – Don't Stop The Show (1981) (24/44 Vinyl Rip)

Satin Whale – Don't Stop The Show (1981)
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Vinyl LP | Polydor 2417 137 | Krautrock | Germany
Never released on CD

Not much positive to say about this last recording by Satin Whale: They try to sound like Foreigner or Toto, but that's a fight they can't win. Mostly stupid lyrics, low quality mixing, low quality vinyl pressing. The only positive aspect: Now you know you've been searching for nothing important.

01. Don't stop the show 03:34
02. Lady night 03:39
03. Stay with me 04:34
04. Out of control 04:24
05. Girl 03:39
06. It's better 04:23
07. Let it roll 04:45
08. Too late 05:27
09. My Anne 04:17
10. I can't believe 05:21
Total Time: 38:36

Barry Palmer: vocals
Eberhard Wagner: guitars
Thomas Brück: bass
Pete Haaser: keyboards & syntheziser
Wolfgang Hieronymi: drums

These rips are several years old, 24Bit/44.1kHz resolution was my limit in those days.
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