Split Enz - Dizrhythmia (1977) [VINYL] - 24-bit/96kHz plus CD-compatible format

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Split Enz - Dizrhythmia (1977) [VINYL] - 24-bit/96kHz plus CD-compatible format

Split Enz - Dizrhythmia (1977) [VINYL]
Vinyl rip in 24-bit/96kHz | FLAC (5% Recovery) | m3u's, md5 checksum, no cue or log (vinyl) | Filesonic + FF
800 MB (24/96) or 245 MB redbook | Artwork | Rock | 1977

After "Mental Notes" was re-recorded as "Second Thoughts", the boys came up with this one. And they left it like that.
Finally an LP that's the same all over the world! After "Mental Notes" was re-recorded at "Second Thoughts", the boys came up with this one. It's an island of calm compared to what happened with the follow-up, "Frenzy" but I'll save that story for later.

Review by Chris Woodstra
"Dizrythmia marks a change not only in personnel (half of the band had been replaced) but also musically and lyrically. With Tim Finn taking over the band, gone almost entirely are the neo-classical arrangements and abstract imagery in favor of a more direct approach that draws heavily from British Invasion-era pop as well as incorporating British music hall and straight-ahead rock & roll. And though the band is still hiding behind hair, colorful costumes, and the occasional swirl of carnival sounds, beneath it all Finn makes his most personal statements to date, showing his optimism and determination for the band's future while also revealing his uncertainty and fears. Most of the songs deal with relationships and, more specifically, his parting of ways with former collaborator and close friend Phil Judd."

01 - Bold As Brass.flac
02 - My Mistake.flac
03 - Parrot Fashion Love.flac
04 - Sugar And Spice.flac
05 - Without A Doubt.flac
06 - Crosswords.flac
07 - Charley.flac
08 - Nice To Know.flac
09 - Jamboree.flac

LP > Rega P1 with Ortofon Super 30 > TC-750LC > E-Mu 0202 > Adobe Audition 3 (AA) @ 96kHz 32bit float > Manual click removal in AA > Click Repair set @ 20 > Equalizer (from the ClickRepair guy) used to combine into mono) > AA used to split tracks, fade in/out, and for manual click removal > RX Advanced to resample > RX Advanced to dither MBIT+ > TLH to FLAC and sector align (16bit, pad) > MP3 Tagger to edit tags.

"16bit" = 16bit at 44.1kHz
"24bit" = 24bit at 96kHz

No music was harmed in the making of this vinyl rip.

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