Supersister - Present From Nancy - 1970 (24/96 Vinyl Rip) *NEW-RIP+REPOST*

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Supersister - Present From Nancy - 1970 (24/96 Vinyl Rip) *NEW-RIP+REPOST*

Supersister - Present From Nancy - 1970
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1970 / Genre: Prog-Rock - Canterbury Scene - Polydor - NL

Supersister was a band from The Hague, (Netherlands), playing progressive rock ranging from jazz to pop. The most predominant band members were Robert Jan Stips (keyboards, vocals), Sacha van Geest (flute), Marco Vrolijk (drums) and Ron van Eck (bass).
The band started as "Sweet OK Sister" in 1968 as a school band with singer and songwriter Rob Douw, who soon thereafter left. The remaining members continued as a more serious musical quartet under the name Supersister. Their style was progressive rock (in Canterbury Scene style) in which 'Stips' keyboard plays a dominant role. The album "Present from Nancy" is their enjoyable and sparkling debut; Enjoy this new upgrade rip!

Note > There are gapless tracks; gapless burning is essential to seamless play the album..


One of the best Canterbury bands was ironically enough not from Canterbury at all. In fact, they weren't even British! Supersister came from the Netherlands and melted strong influences of the Canterbury-style with some typical Dutch progressive rock trademarks. Keyboardist and singer Robert Jan Stips was the man in the band who more than anyone else was responsible for the band's resemblance to the Canterbury-style, as his singing reminded a lot of Richard Sinclair, while his very fuzzed and distorted organ-tone was reminiscent of Dave Stewart.

The band's debut "Present from Nancy" is one of their best ones, consisting of four lengthy tracks where three of them were divided into several sub-sections. The title-track kicks off the album with a rhythmic percussive attack from drummer Marco Vroljik over a typically Dutch-sounding melodic theme. The main section of the track is a fast-paced, tight and energetic piece driven forward by an intense piano-riff with some striking stop/start sequences where Sacha van Geest's flute literally plays and important role.

"Memories are New" is the first track with vocals, and is based around a catchy and VERY Canterbury-like song. The instrumental sections of the track are often distorted and weird, but always dynamic and powerful. And it calms down in the end with a beautiful and atmospheric part with Van Geest's flute. "Corporation Combo Boys" is just some short nonsense that obviously was a of tribute to Frank Zappa & co. and unfortunately ends up sounding just like The Mothers of Invention at their most idiotic and disposable and is not really worth being around the other tracks on the record.

Fortunately it's only one and a half minute long. "Metamorphosis" starts very dramatic with Stips' twisted organ on the very front of the sound, and there's even a slight classical influence around the vocal part. The main portion of the track is however taken up by a monotonous and rather distorted jam, showing the band from their roughest side. The closing track "Dona Nobis Pacem" is completely different from the rest of the album, and can best be described as experimental and improvised progressive mood-music, and makes a mind-expanding finale to one of the finest debuts from a Dutch progressive rock band.

Tommy Schönenberg -

Track List:
    01 Introductions
    02 Present from Nancy
    03 Memories Are New
    04 11/8
    05 Dreaming Weelwhile

    06 Corporation Combo Boys
    07 Mexico
    08 Metamorphosis
    09 Eight Miles High
    10 Dona Nobis Pacem


Robert Jan Stips: Keyboards, Vocals
Sacha van Geest: Flute, Vocals
Ron van Eck:[[/b] Bass
Marco Vrolijk: Drums, Percussion

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