Vangelis - Opera Sauvage - 1979 (24/96 Vinyl Rip)

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Vangelis - Opera Sauvage - 1979 (24/96 Vinyl Rip)

Vangelis - Opera Sauvage - 1979
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1979 / Genre: Electronica - Polydor - U.K.

Opéra sauvage is a 1979 album, by Greek composer and artist Vangelis, of the score for the nature documentary by the same title by French filmmaker Frédéric Rossif. The album sleeve design is by Vangelis himself. Vangelis produced this album during his electro-acoustic period, which was one of the most productive in his musical career.

Opera Sauvage is more akin to his classic sound than his earlier nature scores for the same director, such as "L'Apocalypse des Animaux" and La Fête sauvage. A later collaboration with Rossif in the style of "Opéra sauvage" was "Sauvage et Beau". "Enjoy this great relaxing atmospheric album; this music is best suited for listening at late evening"


With a predominance of sounds of harps and other plucked string instruments throughout the album, every track in "Opera Sauvage" (Wild Opera, in French) promises to touch you in a unique way. From the well known opening "Hymn", to the longer songs ("Reve" -dream; and the closing, "Flamant Roses"), through the touching transition tracks "Mouette" and "Irlande" (where you're transported to Celtic landscapes with no difficulty), the album only lacks something: more content.

At just under 43 minutes of duration it leaves you wanting more of Vangelis enchanting music. Released in 1979, this album is among the best of his life's production, along with "Antarctica", "Apocalypse…" and "Bladerunner". Do not hesitate and pick it up: it is a must in any serious collection, plus it is a fabulous vehicle to help you relax in moments of stress.

Track List:
    01 Hymne
    02 Rêve
    03 L'Enfant
    04 Mouettes
    05 Chromatique
    06 Irlande
    07 Flamants roses

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