Yes - Relayer {UK Original, Porky Pecko} vinyl rip 24/96

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Yes - Relayer {UK Original, Porky Pecko} vinyl rip 24/96

Yes - Relayer (1974)
Vinyl rip in 24 bit/96 kHz | FLAC tracks |Tech Log | Artwork | 950 Mb | UL, FF, RS
Atlantic ‎– K 50096 (1974) (Original UK, Porky cut) | Prog Rock

Relayer is the seventh studio album from the English progressive rock band Yes, released in 1974 on Atlantic Records. Relayer reached #4 in the UK (remaining 8 weeks in the Top 40) and #5 in the US (remaining 16 weeks in the Top 200).
It is the only Yes studio album to feature keyboardist Patrick Moraz, who replaced Rick Wakeman earlier in the year. Wakeman returned to his position in 1976.
After the ambitious concept double album Tales from Topographic Oceans, Rick Wakeman left Yes to resume his solo career. The band auditioned several prospective replacements, the closest contender being the Greek keyboardist Vangelis. He did not become a member of Yes, but these auditions paved the way for several future collaborations between Vangelis and Jon Anderson. The band finally chose Swiss-born Patrick Moraz, previously of the bands Refugee and Mainhorse, as a replacement while this album was well into production. The album title comes from the lyrics of "The Remembering (High The Memory)" from Tales from Topographic Oceans.

Yes - Relayer {UK Original, Porky Pecko} vinyl rip 24/96

Track listing
1. "The Gates of Delirium" 21:50
2. "Sound Chaser" 9:26
3. "To Be Over" 9:06


Jon Anderson – lead vocals
Steve Howe – acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Patrick Moraz – keyboards
Chris Squire – bass guitar and vocals
Alan White – drums, percussion

Yes - Relayer {UK Original, Porky Pecko} vinyl rip 24/96

RCM –> Clearaudio Smart Matrix (Personal clean fluid + L’Art du Son Cleaning Fluid + Audio Desk Systeme fluid)
Turntable –> Clearaudio Champion Limited
Tonearm –> SME M2-9
Cartridge –> Dynavector XX2 MKII
Phono Preamplifier –> NAGRA BPS (battery driven pre amp; 1 Kohm load)
ADC System –> Mytek Stereo96 ADC Professional Converter
DAC System –> Roland UA-55 Quad-Capture USB (only bring Mytek digital signal to PC)
Cables: XLR-RCA (Mogami, Neutrix connectors)
Zerostat 3

SoundForge Pro 10.0 (record 24/96)
dBpoweramp Music Converter (WAV–>FLAC)

No Equalization, Minor ClickRepair (whenever possible) , No Noise Reduction and No Normalization.


Pitch Protection (+)
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Declick level 25
Wavelet x1

Yes - Relayer {UK Original, Porky Pecko} vinyl rip 24/96