Lindisfarne - Nicely Out of Tune (1970) 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip

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Lindisfarne - Nicely Out of Tune (1970) 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip

Lindisfarne - Nicely Out of Tune (1970)
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Lindisfarne - Nicely Out of Tune (1970) 24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip

Easily the best album the group ever recorded, Nicely Out Of Tune is one of the prettiest folk-rock albums of the late 1960s. If Lindisfarne had never recorded anything else, they'd be one of the most fondly remembered acts of their era just for this album. "Lady Eleanor" is a very pretty tune that manages to incorporate elegant mandolin over some heavy rock riffing. "Road To Kingdom Come" is closer in spirit to the group's usual pub-rock sound, a singalong-type number with lots of really crunchy harmonica, mandolin, and fiddle, and a really catchy chorus – "Jackhammer Blues" is pretty nearly as good a rocker. But "Winter Song" is one of the gentlest, most haunting folk ballads of its period, almost too pretty to have come from a rock band, and "Alan In The River With Flowers" isn't far behind. The rest is in the same class and league. Bruce Eder, allmusic.

Track listing:

01. Lady Eleanor
02. Road To Kingdom Come
03. Winter Song
04. Turn A Deaf Ear
05. Clear White Light - part 2
06. We Can Swing Together
07. Alan In The River With Flowers
08. Down
09. The Things I Should Have Said
10. Jackhammer Blues
11. Scarecrow Song

NB. The surface noise at the start of track 8 is intentional.


Rod Clements - electric bass, organ, piano, violin, guitars, vocals
Alan Hull - vocals, acoustic guitar, 12 string, organ, piano, electric piano, big Jim
Ray Jackson - vocals, mandolin, harmonica, flatulette
Simon Cowe - Lead, acoustic and 12 string guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals
Ray Laidlaw - drums, etc.
Produced by John Anthony


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