Sally Oldfield - Celebration (Ital. Bronze BROL34528-1) (1980) (Vinyl 24-96) [Eventide]

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Sally Oldfield - Celebration (Ital. Bronze BROL34528-1) (1980) (Vinyl 24-96) [Eventide]

Michelle Shocked – Short Sharp Shocked
FLAC | Artwork | 24Bit 96kHz: 775 MB | 16Bit 44.1kHz: 253 MB
Cat#: Cooking Vinyl CVLP 1 | Country/Year: UK 1988
Genre: Singer/Songwriter | Hoster: Uploaded/Filesonic


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A1 Mandala 5:16
A2 Morning of My Life 5:37
A3 Woman of the Night 5:05
A4 Celebration 5:03
B1 Blue Water 8:13
B2 My Damsel Heart 6:27
B3 Love Is Everywhere 4:34

Line-up / Musicians:

Mel Collins Saxophone
Tim Cross Synthesizer, Keyboards
Stuart Elliott Drums
Herbie Flowers Bass
Alan James Bass
Graham Jarvis Drums
Duncan Kinnell Percussion
John Kirkpatrick Accordion
Brian Miller Keyboards
Pierre Moerlen Drums
Tom Newman Drums, Vocals
Sally Oldfield Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Wind
Morris Pert Percussion
Nico Ramsden Guitar
Tim Renwick Guitar
Roger Rettig Guitar
Frank Ricotti Percussion
Kenny Wheeler Trumpet

Review by kenethlevine

4 stars On "Easy", Sally Oldfield adopted a decidedly more personal approach, with hints of her sense of vulnerability as a

woman. I always found this at odds with her clearly independent streak, but she communicated her insecurities with such

authenticity, not to mention such musical depth, that I could only feel equally vulnerable to her powers. "Celebration"

continues in this vein, but more or less abandons her earlier role as raconteur for an all out expression of fragility over

a decidedly more diverse musical palette, which renders its cohesiveness all the more impressive.

"Mandala" comes closest to the early Oldfield style, and "Morning of my Life" is backed by appealing deep male voices and

lovely piano, but the album really takes off on track 3, "Woman of the Night", a sultry night club expose with Kenny

Wheeler's trumpet and Mel Collins' sax (that guy must be on a hundred prog albums) providing the balance to Oldfield's

smoky pleas for business. The electric piano also dances about the other figures. It is like nothing she had done before,

but neither is the title track, her first reggae tune, and a superb one at that! Part of that beat is carried by what

sounds like a vibraphone - think her brother's "Incantations" part 4. The lyrics might be trite but the message never grows

old. I should mention here that Sally plays a variety of instruments, but because she has so many accompanists, it's hard

to know when we are hearing her and when it is another member of the team.

"Blue Water" might be of greatest interest to die-hard proggers, as it is composed of 2 distinct parts, the first a

genetically familiar and dreamy Oldfield repetitive motif, and the second a surprisingly rocker with delicious bass and

melody. Yet another first. The last of the 4 monumental tracks is "My Damsel Heart", a gentle yet ominous folk tune at the

heart of Oldfield's themes on this disk. It's more deliberately sparse than earlier material, and while there isn't much

variation, it doesn't drag, but mesmerizes throughout it's 6+ minutes.

Only the closer is a true disappointment, a mundane manner in which to end a landmark effort. For that reason alone, I am

rounding down from 4.5 stars, but don't let that stop you from reveling in this celebration.

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Custom cleaning liquid: distilled water + isoprop. 99.9% (ratio ~70:30) + "Agfa Agepon" surfactant

Dual 505-3 with ULM aluminium tubular tonearm
Ortofon 2m Blue aligned with Baerwald protractor @~1,8g balance weight
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AMD Athlon 4800+ 2gb RAM

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Another LP generously ripped and upped by Eventide