Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979)

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Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979)

Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979)
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Columbia, JC 35993 | Fusion, Funk, Jazz Rock

Billy Cobham had always incorporated elements of disco and funk into his solo recordings; however, this is the most painful example. Even his die-hard fans haven't forgiven him for this embarrassment. "Oh, Mendocino" and "What Is Your Fantasy" are pure disco, while "Bring Up the House Lights" is a ridiculous dialogue with George Duke during which they actually poke fun of Alphonse Mouzon's wardrobe. "A Little Travelin' Music" is the only song with any integrity, while "Vlastar - An Encounter" is a typical Cobham solo. Cross the street to avoid this one.

by Robert Taylor, allmusic
Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979):


A1 Mendocino
A2 Dana
A3 What Is Your Fantasy
A4 A Little Travelin' Music
B1 The Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro)
B2 I Don't Want To Be Without You
B3 Bring Up The House Lights
B4 Vlastar - An Encounter

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Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979)

Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979)

Billy Cobham ‎- B.C. (1979)

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