Tears for Fears "The Seeds of Love" Fontana UK LP Rip 96/24 Linear Tracking TT

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Tears for Fears "The Seeds of Love" Fontana UK LP Rip 96/24 Linear Tracking TT

Tears for Fears "The Seeds of Love" Fontana UK LP Rip 96/24 Linear Tracking TT
LP rip at 24-bit/96kHz in Linear Tracking turntable| FLAC x 2 | NO CUE | Hi Res Scans
10 x 100 MB + 51 MB | RS | Fontana UK LP 838 730-1 | Pop/Rock | 1989

Oh, the 80's, how I miss 'em!!!
Here is one of the masterpieces of Pop from the 1980's, orchestrated by none other than Mr. Leo himself, Roland Orzabal, and a crew of top rate musicians, among them the incredible Oletta Adams.
Reportedly costing about 1 million GBP to make at the time, it is one of the few albums that actually sounds like a million bucks!!!!
Also featuring the dubious honor of having up to five 24 track machines synched together to get 100+ separate tracks (let's not even talk about the patch bay!!!), the production here is beyond stellar.
Mixed by David Bascombe in "SuperBascombevision" (or something like that) , there are also mixes by Bob Clearmountain("Woman In chains") that define "State of the Art Recording".
When I got his LP , it was in NM visually, but it was the clickiest thing ever. Fortunately, ClickRepair came to the rescue.
THe "sheen" that permeates this LP is nowhere to be found on any CD version, so , if you TRULY want to listen to this album for the FIRST TIME EVER, as it was supposed to have sounded originally, download and listen to this sonic marvel!

Side A
A1 Woman In Chains 6:30
A2 Bad Man's Song 8:32
A3 Sowing The Seeds Of Love 6:16
A4 Advice For The Young At Heart 4:52
Side B
B1 Standing On The Corner Of The Third World 5:30
B2 Swords And Knives 6:14
B3 Year Of The Knife 7:06
B4 Famous Last Words 4:23

Notes about the label photo…I received the LP with the label on side B in this condition. The Poster photo is a bonus from the "Woman in Chains" 12" release from 1992.

As usual, the Linear Tracking Turntable reduces the Inner groove Distortion; especially on long LP sides like these.

As opposed to the DVD-A Quad mixes, LP rips are directly from the slab o' vinyl, so , no cue-just like you're playing the LP; look for the song!!!!

Also, for those who may be "Surround inclined", this decodes VERY WELL in "Faux Surround" if you set your receiver to Dolby Pro Logic II Music; Settings: Dimension=+1 , Panorama=On.

Tech talk:
TT: Technics SL-QL1 Linear Tracking
Stylus: Ortofon OMP20
Preamp: Pioneer AV-2SX receiver
Recording Program : Logic Pro
Decode and Post: : Declicked with ClickRepair at real time at settings from 10 (normal) to 60 (Between Songs) and later declicked manually just to make sure…
No EQ or signal processing was used.

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