Cliff Richard - Silver (1983)

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Cliff Richard - Silver (1983)

Cliff Richard - Silver (1983)
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EMI, 1C 064 1077871 | Pop, Vocal

Cliff Richard's Silver, recorded to commemorate his 25th anniversary in music, is a fairly solid if slightly inconsistent piece of early-'80s pop/rock, tinged with elements of funk and soul. Some of it is a little too languid, or predictable, or just plain tuneless for its own good, but there are also some eminently danceable tracks that might've been handled just as well by the late-'70s Bee Gees – "Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)," the single off of the album, and "Silver's Home Tonight," "Baby You're Dynamite," and "The Golden Days Are Over," are enjoyable later-era Richard rockers, and balance nicely with the gorgeous ballads "Ocean Deep" and "Please Don't Fall in Love." While some of the rest seems predictable and rather clunky, other tracks, such as "Love Stealer," show valiant (if not really successful) attempts by Richard to generate a harder rocking sound. The album was reissued on CD in 2002 with two bonus tracks, both previously unanthologized B-sides from the same sessions – "Too Close to Heaven," which is a ballad with a hard electric guitar part that's as good as anything on the original LP, and "Lucille," done in a strange arrangement that runs from minimalist synthesizer accompaniment to full band with outsized percussion, all keeping a slow, funky beat.

by Bruce Eder
Cliff Richard - Silver (1983):


A1 Silver's Home Tonight
A2 Hold On
A3 Never Say Die (Give A Little Bit More)
A4 Front Page
A5 Ocean Deep
B1 Locked Inside Your Prison
B2 Please Don't Fall In Love
B3 Baby You're Dynamite
B4 The Golden Days Are Over
B5 Love Stealer

Original ripper: uta5erika5
Original format: 32/384
Vinyl Condition: Mint
Direct Drive Turntable: Denon DP-A100
Cartridge: Soundsmith Aida MKII ES
Amplifier: Manley Labs CHINOOK Special Edition MKII
Processing: iZotop RX9

Downsampled to 24/192

Cliff Richard - Silver (1983)

Cliff Richard - Silver (1983)

Cliff Richard - Silver (1983)

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