Conor Oberst - Ruminations (Expanded Edition) (RSD 2021 Vinyl) (2016/2021) [24bit/96kHz]

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Conor Oberst - Ruminations (Expanded Edition) (RSD 2021 Vinyl) (2016/2021) [24bit/96kHz]

Conor Oberst - Ruminations (Expanded Edition) (RSD 2021 Vinyl) (2016/2021)
Vinyl Rip | FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/96 kHz | Front Cover | Time - 58:55 minutes | 1,06 GB
Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter | Label: Nonesuch Records

A remastered version of the legendary album on 2-LPs with 5 previously released bonus tracks.

In the winter of 2016, Conor Oberst found himself hibernating in his hometown of Omaha after living in New York City for more than a decade. He emerged with the unexpectedly raw, unadorned solo album Ruminations. Oberst went to ARC, the studio he built with his Bright Eyes bandmate and friend Mike Mogis, and, with the help of engineer Ben Brodin, recorded all the songs within 48 hours. The results are almost sketch-like in their sparseness: Oberst alone with his guitar, piano, and harmonica; the songs connect with some of the rough magic and anxious poetry that first brought him to the attention of the world, while their lyrical complexity and concerns make it obvious they could only have been written in the present.

A1 – Tachycardia
A2 – Barbary Coast (Later)
A3 – Gossamer Thin
A4 – Counting Sheep
A5 – Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
B1 – The Rain Follows The Plow
B2 – A Little Uncanny
B3 – Next Of Kin
B4 – You All Loved Him Once
B5 – Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
C1 – Overdue
C2 – Too Late To Fixate
C3 – Afterthought
C4 – Empty Hotel By The Sea
C5 – Napalm

foobar2000 1.4.1 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2021-06-23 14:04:12

Analyzed: Conor Oberst / Ruminations (Expanded Edition)

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR11 -4.57 dB -17.91 dB 3:38 01-Tachycardia
DR11 -4.37 dB -18.01 dB 4:13 02-Barbary Coast (Later)
DR11 -4.72 dB -16.90 dB 3:35 03-Goassamer Thin
DR12 -3.92 dB -18.96 dB 3:29 04-Counting Sheep
DR13 -5.11 dB -20.89 dB 3:52 05-Mamah Borthwick (A Sketch)
DR11 -4.84 dB -18.10 dB 3:29 06-The Rain Follows The Plow
DR12 -1.70 dB -16.36 dB 4:14 07-A Little Uncanny
DR11 -4.77 dB -18.24 dB 3:27 08-Next of Kin
DR12 -4.70 dB -19.57 dB 3:49 09-You All Loved Him Once
DR11 -4.95 dB -17.66 dB 4:10 10-Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
DR10 -4.32 dB -17.48 dB 3:24 11-Overdue
DR12 -1.59 dB -17.20 dB 4:08 12-Too Late To Fixate
DR12 -3.84 dB -16.86 dB 3:37 13-Afterthought
DR11 -4.26 dB -17.50 dB 4:49 14-Empty Hotel By The Sea
DR10 -0.90 dB -15.47 dB 5:03 15-Napalm

Number of tracks: 15
Official DR value: DR11

Samplerate: 96000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 2830 kbps
Codec: FLAC

Cleaned with a Record Doctor V system.

Turntable: Technics SL-1500c
Cartridge: Orotofon Bronze
Phone Stage: Built-in Tecnhnics Phono
Digital Interface: Focusrite Audio Interface 2i2
Recording Software: Audacity
Recording Bitrate/Sample Rate: 192/24
Exported to 32 bit float WAV

Post Processing
Run thru ClickRepair at level 10 with
Pitch Protection | on
Reverse | on
Wavelet | x2
Run thru ClickRepair again level 10 with
Pitch Protection | on
Reverse | off
Wavelet | x2

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