10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975)

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10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975)

10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975)
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Mercury, UIJY 9041 | Art Rock,Prog Rock,Pop Rock

~ 2007, Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, 200 Gram ~

10cc's third album, The Original Soundtrack, finally scored them a major hit in the United States, and rightly so; "I'm Not in Love" walked a fine line between self-pity and self-parody with its weepy tale of a boy who isn't in love (really!), and the marvelously lush production and breathy vocals allowed the tune to work beautifully either as a sly joke or at face value. The album's opener, "Une Nuit a Paris," was nearly as marvelous; a sly and often hilarious extended parody of both cinematic stereotypes of life and love in France and overblown European pop. And side one's closer, "Blackmail," was a witty tale of sex and extortion gone wrong, with a superb guitar solo embroidering the ride-out. That's all on side one; side two, however, is a bit spottier, with two undistinguished tunes, "Brand New Day" and "Flying Junk," nearly dragging the proceedings to a halt before the band rallied the troops for a happy ending with the hilarious "The Film of Our Love." The Original Soundtrack's best moments rank with the finest work 10cc ever released; however, at the same time it also displayed what was to become their Achilles' heel – the inability to make an entire album as strong and memorable as those moments.

by Mark Deming, allmusic
10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975):


A1 Une Nuit A Paris
Part 1 - One Night In Paris
Part 2 - Same Night In Paris
Part 3 - Later The Same Night In Paris
A2 I'm Not In Love
A3 Blackmail
B1 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
B2 Brand New Day
B3 Flying Junk
B4 Life Is A Minestrone
B5 The Film Of My Love

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10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975)

10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975)

10cc - The Original Soundtrack (1975)

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