Chilly Gonzales - A Very Chilly Christmas (Deluxe Edition) (2020/2021) [Official Digital Download 24/48]

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Chilly Gonzales - A Very Chilly Christmas (Deluxe Edition) (2020/2021) [Official Digital Download 24/48]

Chilly Gonzales - A Very Chilly Christmas (2020)
FLAC (tracks) 24-bit/48 kHz | Front Cover | Time - 38:30 minutes | 375 MB
Piano, Xmas | Label: Gentle Threat, Official Digital Download

A Very Chilly Christmas, featuring Feist and Jarvis Cocker. Composer, showman in slippers and a bathrobe, he has a deep dedication to his craft: he’s an Entertainer. His humble service to this calling lends a certain inevitability to this announcement: Chilly Gonzales has made a Christmas album.

From feudal oldies to newer holiday pop canon, A very chilly christmas surveys a broad scope of seasonal repertoire and sentiment. There’s grandeur and solemnity, there’s austerity and merriment, and there’s Mariah Carey.

With his unabashed loyalty to melody, Gonzales’ approach deftly navigates the myth of one shared songbook with a collection that opts for nuance over pomp. From Wenceslas to Wham, the great revelation of this collection is the restrained, distilled beauty of Gonzales’ signature minor key interpretations.

A Very Chilly Christmas finds its star in The Banister Bough, the album’s sole original song. This tinseled, sugar-plum collaboration with Feist, complete with miniaturized Jeunet-esque stop-motion animated video, balances delicate whimsy with an ecological message in disguise as a home decorating tutorial. The song gently encourages us to reimagine traditions, those we claim and those we inherit, for the generations to come.

Another album standout is the cover of Snow Is Falling In Manhattan by David Berman, a fellow Christmas-loving Jew. Jarvis Cocker’s fireside vocals and Feist’s ember-afterglow chorus are nestled amongst Gonzales’ piano and a flute.

From solo arrangements to intricate, delicate additions of strings, bells, choir and more, A very Chilly Christmas also features Gonzales’ frequent stage and studio collaborator, cellist Stella Le Page. As a whole, the album’s gift is the space it creates for quieter moments amid the flurry and noise of the season.

1. White Christmas (02:23)
2. Silent Night (02:44)
3. Good King Wenceslas (02:01)
4. Silver Bells (02:38)
5. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (02:27)
6. Last Christmas (02:24)
7. The Banister Bough (04:09)
8. Jingle Bells (01:43)
9. All I Want For Christmas Is You (01:39)
10. In The Bleak Midwinter (02:12)
11. Snow Is Falling In Manhattan (04:05)
12. O Tannenbaum (01:39)
13. Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging (01:23)
14. O Come, All Ye Faithful (02:25)
15. We Three Kings (02:59)
16. Auld Lang Mynor (01:31)

foobar2000 1.4.1 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
log date: 2021-12-23 18:31:22

Analyzed: Chilly Gonzales / A very chilly christmas

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR11 -0.30 dB -14.74 dB 2:23 01-White Christmas
DR10 -0.30 dB -14.25 dB 2:45 02-Silent Night
DR10 -0.30 dB -13.00 dB 2:01 03-Good King Wenceslas
DR10 -0.30 dB -14.34 dB 2:39 04-Silver Bells
DR9 -0.30 dB -13.24 dB 2:27 05-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
DR10 -0.30 dB -13.76 dB 2:25 06-Last Christmas
DR9 -0.30 dB -12.50 dB 4:10 07-The Banister Bough
DR9 -0.30 dB -13.86 dB 1:44 08-Jingle Bells
DR10 -0.30 dB -14.20 dB 1:40 09-All I Want For Christmas Is You
DR10 -0.30 dB -13.76 dB 2:12 10-In The Bleak Midwinter
DR9 -0.30 dB -12.78 dB 4:06 11-Snow Is Falling In Manhattan
DR9 -0.30 dB -12.68 dB 1:39 12-O Tannenbaum
DR9 -0.30 dB -13.20 dB 1:23 13-Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging
DR8 -0.30 dB -12.74 dB 2:26 14-O Come, All Ye Faithful
DR6 -0.30 dB -10.23 dB 3:00 15-We Three Kings
DR9 -0.30 dB -12.99 dB 1:32 16-Auld Lang Mynor

Number of tracks: 16
Official DR value: DR9

Samplerate: 48000 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 24
Bitrate: 1500 kbps
Codec: FLAC

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