J.S.Bach - Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530 - Purcell Quartet

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J.S.Bach - Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530 - Purcell Quartet

J.S.Bach - Trio Sonatas, BWV 525-530 - Purcell Quartet
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Chandos- 0654(CD) | Dec 1997

Rarely do we feel the presence of Bach so vividly on a recording as we do here with this set of Trio Sonata arrangements, performed by violins, viola da gamba, and harpsichord. What a perfect combination, thanks to Richard Boothby's settings and to the wonderfully synergistic interaction among these very experienced early music players--violinists Catherine Mackintosh (in her best recorded performance in a while) and Catherine Weiss, gambist Boothby, and harpsichordist Robert Woolley. There's certainly nothing wrong with arranging Bach's music like this--and indeed, Boothby does "mix things up" by transposing keys and instrumental lines--as Bach himself reused, rearranged, and transposed his own and others' music. In these string versions of pieces normally performed on the organ we hear occasional enticing hints of the violin concertos and, because of the instruments' different registers and colors, the lines emerge in new and surprising ways. This disc makes a nice companion to Bernard Labadie's arrangement of the Goldberg Variations for strings and continuo, recorded with Les Violons du Roy on Dorian (see reviews and features): both are distinguished for their learned, totally faithful, yet refreshingly entertaining and enlightening recastings of music that's not only timeless but seemingly limitless in its revelatory capacity. The sound is demonstration quality--this is one of those recordings that when you turn it up to just the right level, the instruments come to stunningly real, three-dimensional life, no fancy surround-sound or other high end equipment needed.
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) - Trio Sonatas

Trio Sonata, BWV 525 in E flat (Transposed to F)
- I. Allegro
- II. Adagio
- III. Allegro
Trio Sonata, BWV 526 in C
- I. Vivace
- II. Largo
- III. Allegro
Trio Sonata, BWV 527 in d
- I. Andante
- II. Adagio e dolce
- III. Vivace
Trio Sonata, BWV 528 in e
- I. Adagio-Vivace
- II. Andante
- III. Un poc' allegro
Trio Sonata, BWV 529 in C (Transposed to D)
- I. Allegro
- II. Largo
- III. Allegro
Trio Sonata, BWV 530 in G
- I. Vivace
- II. Lente
- III. Allegro

Performer: The Purcell Quartet:
Catherine Mcintosh (Violin);
Catherine Weiss (Violin);
Richard Botthby (Viola da gamba);
Robert Woolley (Harpsichord)
Recorded at Orford Church, Suffolk, England.

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