Brautigam plays Joseph Haydn Concertos

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Brautigam plays Joseph Haydn Concertos

Ronald Brautigam plays Joseph Haydn Concertos
Genre: Classical | 2004 | APE with Cue, Log & Scans | 278 Mb |

Concerto in D major, Hob.XVIII/11
1. I. Vivace 7'06
2. II. Un poco adagio 5'07
3. III. Rondo all?Ungarese 4'02

Concerto in F major, Hob.XVIII/3
4. I. Allegro 9'10
5. II. Largo cantabile 5'56
6. III. Presto 3'52

Concerto in D major, Hob.XVIII/2
7. I. Allegro moderato 8'31
8. II. Adagio molto 7'29
9. III. Allegro 5'00

Concerto in G major, Hob.XVIII/4
10. I. Allegro 8'20
11. II. Adagio 6'04
12. III. Rondo 3'34

Lars Ulrik Mortensen, director/continuo
Ronald Brautigam, fortepiano
Concerto Copenhagen, orchestra

Choc du Mois Le Monde de la Musique
Winner Edison Classic 2006 - Concerts May 2006

Here is a jewel of a record. Fresh from his triumphant reading of Haydn's entire output for the fortepiano Ronald Brautigam now brings us four concertos for piano and orchestra by the great composer. The piano concerto of this period naturally means Mozart. No one would dispute his pre-eminence in the genre. But when we actually listen to Haydn, as opposed to nodding at his technical ability, breadth of application and so on, we are always surprised; his music is not just brilliantly skilful but deeply impassioned and full of delightful surprises. Lars Ulrik Mortensen is also a musician to bring out these elements. Widely recognized as a harpsichord player of unusual insight and personality he directs the period ensemble Concerto Copenhagen from the continuo bench. Surely no one can fail to respond to this heart-warming disc?

2004 BIS CD-1318