Deadneck - Levitation (2017)

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Deadneck - Levitation (2017)

Deadneck - Levitation (2017)
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Stoner/Doom | Label: Bilocation Records | RAR 3% Rec.

Deadneck are a stoner blues metal band hailing from Joutseno, Finland. With a sound that could have been dragged from the swamps of New Orleans, Levitation will leave true fans of the stoner metal genre reaching for their pipe. But Levitation is more than just your bog standard "stoner metal" outing. Throughout its six tracks, the listener is taken deeper into rabbit hole, as the band experiment with psychedelic sounds and droning doom, all wonderfully contrasted by the soulful blues soaked vocals of Aleski Laakso. Sit back, skin up, and let Deadneck lead the way… For fans of The Awesome Machine, Boogieman, Lowrider, Dozer.
Tracklist :

1. Intro - 3:49
2. Sleepless - 9:45
3. (Born To) Follow - 5:22
4. Crimson Sky - 8:48
5. Somersault - 4:39
6. Back On Top - 7:36




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