Julian Carrillo - La musica de Julian Carrillo (2 CDs)

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Julian Carrillo - La musica de Julian Carrillo
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Julián Carrillo Trujillo (January 28, 1875–September 9, 1965) was a Mexican composer and musical scientist, who discovered the Thirteenth Sound.
Carrillo was admitted to the Leipzig Royal Conservatory, where he studied with Hans Becker (violin), Johann Merkel (piano), and Salomon Jadassohn (composition, harmony and counterpoint). He became first violin in two orchestras: the Conservatory's Orchestra, conducted by Hans Sitt; and the Gewandhaus Orchestra, conducted by Artur Nikisch.

Carrillo composed several works at Leipzig, including Sextet in G Major for two violins, two violas and two violoncellos (1900), and the First Symphony in D Major for Orchestra (1901). Carrillo conducted the Leipzig Royal Conservatory Orchestra in the premiere performance of his First Symphony.

In 1900, Carrillo attended the International Congress of Music in Paris, presided by Camille Saint-Saëns. He presented a paper, which the Congress accepted and published, on the names of musical sounds. He proposed that, since each note is one sound, each note name (C, D flat, etc.) should be a single syllable. He proposed 35 monosyllabic names.

When he finished his studies in the Leipzig Conservatory, he went to Belgium to improve his skills as a violinist. There, he studied with Hans Zimmer (who had been Eugène Ysaÿe's student) and was admitted in the Ghent Royal Conservatory of Music. In 1903, he composed a Quartet in E minor, which he intended to give "ideological unity and tonal diversity" to classical forms.