Jimmy Smith - Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live! (1972) [2000 Verve By Request]

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Jimmy Smith - Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live! (1972) [2000 Verve By Request]

Jimmy Smith - Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live! (1972) [2000 Verve By Request]
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Root Down is a live jazz album by Jimmy Smith, released on the Verve label. It was recorded in Los Angeles on February 8, 1972. It includes the song "Root Down (And Get It)" which was sampled by the Beastie Boys for their song "Root Down."
This Verve By Request CD is an unedited performance!!!

Jimmy Smith made the organ an essential part of the modern-jazz combo. In his early years in New York, his lightening-fast approach defined the instrument's role with unprecedented success. On this album, which augured his West Coast years, Smith brings the same raw soul to the music while he indoctrinates a new generation of LA-based rhythm support. They show that they can go to the source, playing three Smith originals. But they also deliver some of their own funk. The tune "Root Down" points in the direction of Smith's origins. And it has endured, being interpreted most famously by the Beastie Boys in 1994.

Toward the end of his stint with Blue Note, Jimmy Smith's albums became predictable. Moving to Verve in the mid-'60s helped matters considerably, since he started playing with new musicians (most notably nice duets with Wes Montgomery) and new settings, but he never really got loose, as he did on select early Blue Note sessions. Part of the problem was that Smith's soul-jazz was organic and laid-back, relaxed and funky instead of down and dirty. For latter-day listeners, aware of his reputation as the godfather of modern soul-jazz organ (and certainly aware of the Beastie Boys' name drop), that may mean that Smith's actual albums all seem a bit tame and restrained, classy, not funky. That's true of the bulk of Smith's catalog, with the notable exception of Root Down. Not coincidentally, the title track is the song the Beasties sampled on their 1994 song of the same name, since this is one of the only sessions that Smith cut where his playing his raw, vital, and earthy. Recorded live in Los Angeles in February 1972, the album captures a performance Smith gave with a relatively young supporting band who were clearly influenced by modern funk and rock. They push Smith to playing low-down grooves that truly cook: "Sagg Shootin' His Arrow" and "Root Down (And Get It)" are among the hottest tracks he ever cut, especially in the restored full-length versions showcased on the 2000 Verve By Request reissue. There are times where the pace slows, but the tension never sags, and the result is one of the finest, most exciting records in Smith's catalog. If you think you know everything about Jimmy Smith, this is the album for you. Reviewed by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

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Jimmy Smith / Jimmy Smith Live!: Root Down

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Track Listing:

01. Sagg Shootin' His Arrow (unedited performance)
02. For Everyone Under The Sun
03. After Hours
04. Root Down (and Get It) (unedited performance)
05. Let's Stay Together
06. Slow Down Sagg (unedited performance)
07. Root Down (And Get It) (previously unissued alternate version)

Recorded at the Bombay Bicycle Club, Los Angeles: February 8, 1972

Verve By Request CD Released: July 18, 2000

Jimmy Smith: Hammond B3 organ
Paul Humphrey: drums
Wilton Felder: bass
Buck Clarke: congas and percussion
Arthur Adams: guitar
Steve Williams: harmonica

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DR8 0.00 dB -11.11 dB 7:51 03-After Hours
DR12 0.00 dB -14.34 dB 12:39 04-Root Down (And Get It)
DR13 0.00 dB -14.96 dB 6:27 05-Let's Stay Together
DR12 -0.16 dB -14.20 dB 10:22 06-Slow Down Sagg
DR12 -0.69 dB -14.71 dB 12:13 07-Root Down (And Get It) (Alternate Version)

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Jimmy Smith - Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live! (1972) [2000 Verve By Request]

Jimmy Smith - Root Down: Jimmy Smith Live! (1972) [2000 Verve By Request]

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