Joey Molland - This Way Up (2001)

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Joey Molland - This Way Up (2001)

Joey Molland - This Way Up (2001)
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Genre: Rock, Pop Rock, Power Pop | Label: Independent Artist | Cat.: CD 1003

Joey Molland's group Badfinger was one of the great power pop bands of all time. Before the Raspberries, the Dwight Twilley Band, and other tunesmiths found the magic of energetic car radio melodies, Molland and crew led the way. This Way Up continues that work and is one of the best solo discs that ex-members of the Beatles never made. It bears repeating – This Way Up contains the essence of what was great about those early solo Beatles albums, not surprising because Molland played on some of them.

Joey Molland - This Way Up (2001)

Track Listing

01. Mirrors (04:15)
02. Happy (03:50)
03. A Way To Be (03:59)
04. The Bust (04:07)
05. This Must Be Love (04:03)
06. Moonlight (04:15)
07. Another Honeymoon (03:20)
08. When I Was A Boy (05:59)
09. Angels Like Us (02:51)
10. What Else (Nothing) (05:33)
11. Tell Me (04:02)
12. Three Minute Warning (04:16)
13. Isn't That A Dream (04:43)

Produced by Joey Molland


• Joey Molland: vocals, guitars & percussion
• D. Molland: acoustic guitar
• J. Molland III: lead guitar (track 10)
• R. Anderson: lead guitar (track 11), slide (track 13)
• T. Lecher: bass
• M.Healey: bass (track 9)
• H. Pulver: keyboards
• B. Millea: drums
• A. Dee: lap steel (track 12)


Recorded at Echo Boys Studio, Minneapolis, MN; Engineers: Dale Goulett & Jason Bridges
Overdubs recorded at Aurora Borealis Studios, Minneapolis, MN; Engineer: Mark Healey
Mixed at Aurora Borealis Studios; Engineer: Joe Molland
Mastered by Mark Healey & Joe Molland for Independent Artist Records © 2001

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Joey Molland / This Way Up

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