Marillion - Happiness Is The Road (Vol 1) - Essence

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Marillion - Happiness Is The Road (Vol 1) - Essence

Marillion - Happiness Is The Road (Vol 1) [2008] - Essence
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1. Dreamy Street
2. This Train Is My Life
3. Essence
4. Wrapped In Time
5. Liquidity
6. Nothing Fills The Hole
7. Woke Up
8. Trap The Spark
9. A State Of Mind
10. Happiness Is The Road
11. Half Empty Jam (Hidden Track)

Part 1
Part 2

Marillion is a British progressive rock band who are best known in America for the music they made more than twenty years ago. Back in the eighties, led by a lanky lead vocalist called Fish, Marillion was primarily known for its theatrical stage performances where Fish often dressed in a variety of costumes. Because of this, as well as the long prog-rock pieces found on albums like Script For A Jesters Tear and Misplaced Childhood (which yielded their only American hit single in “Kayleigh”), the band was widely regarded – and some would say dismissed – as a pale imitation of Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. When Fish left the band to pursue a solo career, the band were soon forgotten…At least in America, they were. Not so however, in much of the rest of the world.

"Happiness Is the Road" is Marillion's 15th studio album, released as two separate album-length volumes respectively entitled "Essence" and "The Hard Shoulder".