Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (2009) (repost)

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Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (2009) (repost)

Noisettes - Wild Young Hearts (2009)
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Label: Mercury Release: 20 April 2009

Wild Young Hearts debuts a very different Noisettes from the band we met on 2007’s punky What’s The Time Mr Wolf? Primarily, the London trio have realised what a voice they have in vocalist Shingai Shoniwa, whose smoky croon resembles a young Billie Holliday, and frankly, feels a little wasted on ragged garage-rock numbers. If Wild Young Hearts is a slightly more mainstream-sounding offering than its predecessor, though, it also wears its new sense of ambition on its sleeve. Most new listeners will have been pulled in by “Don’t Upset The Rhythm”, a smart disco-pop number with shades of Tom Tom Club’s “Wordy Rappinghood”, but there’s a good half-dozen tracks here that would make equally good singles: take the pulsing electro of “Saturday Night”, or “Never Forget You”, a Winehouse-style soul number with added crunchy guitar.

01. Sometimes (4:05)
02. Don't Upset The Rhythm (3:48)
03. Wild Young Hearts (2:58)
04. 24 Hours (3:49)
05. Every Now And Then (3:43)
06. Beat Of My Heart (3:26)
07. Atticus (4:18)
08. Never Forget You (3:12)
09. So Complicated (3:10)
10. Saturday Night (3:15)
11. Cheap Kicks (4:47)