Pree - A Chopping Block EP (2009)

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Pree - A Chopping Block EP (2009)

Pree - A Chopping Block EP (2009)
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Delusions of Adequacy - Tabol’s gift for intriguingly arcane language and beatifically brittle musical arrangements confidently establishes Pree’s distinctive life-force across this too-short collection. From the shimmying electro-acoustic “Heaven Is A Drag,” through the rustic back-porch-located “In The Parlor,” via the ornate baroque of “Lack Of Fight,” inside the lovely piano-led “Light Fails” and over to the twinkling glockenspiel-framed “Speak Warmly,” A Chopping Block is laced with delightfully rich details ripe for repeat personal-playlist picking.


Heaven is a Drag
In the Parlor
Lack of Fight
Light Fails
Speak Warmly