Queen Night At The Opera (DVD-Audio DTS 24/96 Six-Channel rip)

Posted By: VanPelten
Queen Night At The Opera (DVD-Audio DTS 24/96 Six-Channel rip)

Queen Night At The Opera (DVD-Audio DTS 24/96 Six-Channel rip)
1975/2002 | Genre: Rock, Audiophile | DVD-A Rip 24-bit/96kHz 5.1 Channel DTS Surround | FLAC+HQ scans | 2.1GB

How do you review a dvd-audio such as this one? A recording from 1975, yet it sounds as if it were recorded only yesterday. Queen at its best, with Freddie's piano, Brian's guitar, Roger's drums and John's great bass riffs. The piano and bass guitar sound great, and the vocals are fabulous. I'm afraid the standard CD will be collecting as much dust as the LP from now on. Should hollywood records plan to release more of these beauties in the future, than it'll cost me a lot of money yet again to collect them all. For all you Queen fans out there a MUST, for music fans and sound addicts another great demo. Amazon review
Queen Night At The Opera (DVD-Audio DTS 24/96 Six-Channel rip)


01. Death On Two Legs
02. Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon
03. I'm In Love With My Car
04. You're My Best Friend
05. '39
06. Sweet Lady
07. Seaside Rendezvous
08. The Prophet's Song
09. Love Of My Life
10. Good Company
11. Bohemian Rhapsody
12. God Save The Queen

Originally recorded 1975
DVD-Audio release 2002 (out of print)

This is a rip of the original DVD-Audio to 24/96 Six-Channel wave files, compressed with FLAC. Burn to DVD using your favorite authoring software (I use discWelder CHROME). I must notify you in advance about watermarked DVD-Audio. This rip has been burned and successfully tested on three of my DVD players (Panasonic, Marantz and Oppo), but due to the inherent watermarking of DVD-A, a few DVD standalone models may not play them. You can, however, play ripped and watermarked DVD-Audio on your PC by with no problems.

So that you may test the process without downloading the entire 2.18GB rip, I've uploaded a single 24/96 6-channel test file of Track 2 to Rapidshare – – that can be burned to DVD using a DVD Audio authoring program. If it plays on your DVD player without stopping after 15 or 20 seconds, the entire DVD-Audio will play without a hitch and you can download all the files in the main link below with confidence and enjoy the phenomenal sound provided by DVD-Audio.