Rob Wasserman - Trios (1994)

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Rob Wasserman - Trios (1994)

Rob Wasserman - Trios (1994)
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Format: CD, Album - Released: 1994 - Country: Germany - Label: GRP, MCA Records - Catalog#: GRM 40222, GRM 40222
Jazz, Rock

Review: Bassist extraordinare picks up from the previous duets release with this set of trios. Most of these songs were written for this project, some even improvised on the spot as in the case of the Edie Brickell, Wasserman, Garcia cuts. Elvis Costello, along with Marc Ribot, are great. There are some bass instrumentals but the best is "Fantasy Is Reality" written by Sam Philips and Brian Wilson and sung by his daughter Carnie.

Rob Wasserman - Trios (1994)

Rob Wasserman spent three years putting together a collection of folk-pop-jazz arrangements of trios played by himself and an all-star cast of friends. The result was a minor classic. His accompanists in alphabetical order are Edie Brickell, Les Claypool, Elvis Costello, Willie Dixon, Al Duncan, Jerry Garcia, Matt Haimovitz, Bruce Hornsby, Joan Jeanrenaud, Branford Marsalis, Marc Rebot, Bob Weir, Chris Whitley, Brian Wilson, Carnie Wilson, and Neil Young. Each listener will have his or her own favorites, of course; mine are "Dustin' Off the Bass" with Willie Dixon and Al Duncan; "Gypsy One and Two," with Kronos Quartet cellist Joan Jeanreaud and cellist Matt Haimovitz; and "Bass Trilogy, 1-3," with Wasserman playing all the parts.
The album was recorded from 1991 to 1993 and released in 1994. It was recorded on analogue tape, which I can hear some audiophiles saying now is the reason it sounds so good. It is incredibly smooth, quiet, and well behaved from beginning to end, even though there is some slight difference in the earlier and later tapings. The sense of transparency and air is stronger in the later selections, but it's really of little consequence. This was, indeed, a labor of love on Wasserman's part and well worth everyone's efforts.

01. Fantasy Is Reality / Bells Of Madness (4:09)
Producer - Don Was
Vocals - Brian Wilson , Carnie Wilson
02. Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness (4:08)
Acoustic Guitar - Marc Ribot
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar - Elvis Costello
03. White-Wheeled Limousine (4:57)
Saxophone - Branford Marsalis
Vocals, Keyboards - Bruce Hornsby
04. Country (Bass Trilogy: Part 1) (2:46)
05. Zillionaire (5:12) Piano, Electric Guitar - Jerry Garcia
Vocals - Edie Brickell
06. Dustin' Off The Bass (6:11) Drums - Al Duncan
Producer - Clare Wasserman
Vocals, Bass - Willie Dixon
07. Easy Answers (5:59) Vocals, Electric Guitar - Bob Weir , Neil Young
08. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Bass Trilogy: Part 2) (2:21)09. Home Is Where You Get Across (5:23) Bass [Electric] - Les Claypool
Vocals - Chris Whitley
10. Spike's Bulls (Bass Trilogy: Part 3) (3:11)11. Gypsy One (4:14) Cello - Joan Jeanrenaud , Matt Haimovitz
12. Gypsy Two (3:35)
Cello - Joan Jeanrenaud , Matt Haimovitz
13. American Popsicle (4:41) Guitar [Midi] - Jerry Garcia
Vocals - Edie Brickell
14. 3 Guys Named Schmo (4:48)
Bass - Les Claypool
Drums - Jay Lane

The musicians on the tracks are as follows.

Fantasy Is Reality/Bells Of Madness;

Brian Wilson - keyboards, organ, vocals
Carnie Wilson - tambourine, vocals
Rob Wasserman - string bass, bells, background vocals
Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness;
Elvis Costello - acoustic guitar, vocals
Marc Ribot - acoustic guitar
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
White-Wheeled Limousine;
Bruce Hornsby - keyboards, vocals
Branford Marsalis - soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass, drum stick
Country (Bass Trilogy Part 1);
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass (3 parts)
Edie Brickell - vocals
Jerry Garcia - piano, electric guitar
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
Dustin' Of The Bass;
Willie Dixon - electric upright bass
Al Duncan - drums
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
Easy Answers;
Bob Weir - electric guitar, drum programming, vocals
Neil Young - electric guitar, vocals
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass, tambourine, background vocals
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Bass Trilogy Part 2);
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass (3 parts)
Home Is Where You Get Across;
Chris Whitley - dobro, vocals
Les Claypool - electric bass
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
Spike's Bulls (Bass Trilogy Part 3);
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass (3 parts)
Gypsy One and Gypsy Two;
Matt Haimovitz - cello
Joan Jeanrenaud - cello
Rob Wasserman - string bass
American Popsicle;
Edie Brickell - vocals
Jerry Garcia - midi guitar
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
3 Guys Named Schmo;
Les Claypool - electric bass
Jay Lane - drums
Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
For the Trios CD;

Producer - Rob Wasserman, John Cutler
Executive album producers - Clare Wasserman, Stephanie Clarke
Executive producers - Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen
Engineer, mixing - John Cutler
Additional engineering,, editing - Jeffrey Norman
Digital mastering - Joe Gastwirt
Post-production - Michael Landy, Joseph Doughney
Photography - E. J. Camp
Concept - Clare Wasserman, Stephanie Clarke
Art direction - Sonny Mediana
Graphic design - Alba Acevedo
Additional credits for the individual tracks.
Fantasy Is Reality/Bells Of Madness;

Producer - Don Was
Assistant engineer - Dan Bosworth
Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, LA
Put Your Big Toe In The Milk Of Human Kindness;
Engineer - Kevin Killen
Assitant engineer - Max Garcia
Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, LA
White-Wheeled Limousine, Country (Bass Trilogy Part 1), (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Bass Trilogy Part 2), Home Is Where You Get Across and Spike's Bulls (Bass Trilogy Part 3);
Recorded at Club Front, San Rafael
Zillionaire and American Popsicle;
Assistant Engineer - Chris Wiskes
Recorded at Club Front, San Rafael
Dustin' Of The Bass;
Engineer - Al Johnson
Recorded at Score One Recording, North Hollywood
Easy Answers; ;
Recorded at Redwood Digital Studios
Assistant engineer - John Nowland, John Hausmann
Guitar tech. - Larry Craig
Gypsy One and Gypsy Two;
Assistant engineer - Kevin Scott
Recorded at The Site, Marin County
3 Guys Named Schmo;
Engineer - John Cutler
Assistant engineer - Ross Yeo
Recorded at Hyde Street Studios, SF
The CD is dedicated to Willie Dixon.

Wasserman has included brief notes for each track. Those for the tracks that include contributions from members of the Dead are as follows.


This was the first trio I recorded and I feel it set the tone for the entire record. I first met Edie when I picked her up at the San Francisco airport. My car door wouldn't open, so she proceeded to climb in through the window! - I liked her immediately. Later, when we jammed at Jerry's house, he and I were both astonished by her ability to spontaneously create a song at the very moment she was singing it. Zillionaire was the first song that we came up with that night. Jerry played a grand piano as we were writing the song so he decided to record with it as well - a very rare occurrence. Several hours of music were recorded during that session. In fact, we all agreed that someday, just for fun, we would perform as an all improv band - no set list, no material!
American Popsicle;
This was a totally crazy, improvised jam session where American Popsicle was one improv out of many we recorded that day, but perhaps the song that most represents the 'other side' of Trios - total spontaneity, no boundaries, improvisational musical madness.
White-Wheeled Limousine;
This song is a great, haunting Bruce Hornsby original. It features Bruce, Branford and myself in a jam that includes tons of improvisation and, during the breaks from recording, lots of basketball! To stay true to the trio concept of recording only in 3s I was drafted to play a drum part which I managed by hitting a table with a drum stick. The night we finished recording the song we debuted it live on stage at the Grateful Dead's annual New Year's Eve concert.
Easy Answers;
The night before this session Bob Weir and I were rehearsing a song idea for our trio with Neil Young. As we were wrapping up he asked me if I wanted to hear another new tune he had been working on. The next day Neil, Bobby and I were sitting in Neil's ancient Cadillac listening to both songs, and we decided to record the newer one from the previous evening which, needless to say, became Easy Answers. Bobby recorded his lead vocal around midnight. Neil and I wouldn't let him do it over again as we both felt he had captured the true spirit of a preacher in his late night delivery. I remember thinking that the song must be pretty good when I saw Neil simultaneously washing dinner dishes at the studio sink and dancing non-stop while he listened to the playback. He commented that my vocal part sounded like a disinterested New Yorker on a street corner using a pay phone while singing the words 'easy answers'!
At least one other piece, Improv from Mars, was recorded by Edie Brickell, Jerry Garcia and Rob Wasserman. This was not included on the CD but was subsequently broadcast on the Dead To The World radio show.

Have a nice day.

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