Tokio Myers - Our Generation (2017)

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Tokio Myers - Our Generation (2017)

Tokio Myers - Our Generation (2017)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) 243 MB | Cover | 48 minutes | MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 112 MB
Pop | Label: Syco Music

After captivating the nation’s heart as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2017, multi-talented pianist, composer and producer, Tokio Myers releases his debut album, ‘Our Generation’, on November 17th on Syco Music. Tokio Myers became a sensation when more than ten million people tuned in to watch him be crowned as the winner of the 12th series of Britain’s Got Talent. Since then the Londoner with Jamaican heritage has been writing and recording in the studio – fusing an array of musical influences that have shaped him as an artist, ranging from classical and cinematic to hip-hop, dance and 90s’ soul to create a totally unique new sound. Tokio grew up in a deprived area of North London before being given a coveted piano scholarship at the Royal College of Music. A stint as a studio musician led to recording and touring with some of the biggest names in music including Amy Winehouse, The Police, Kanye West and Mr Hudson. Whilst being a relatively successful session musician, Tokio wanted to take the centre
stage and so decided to enter BGT.


1 Red
2 Baltimore
3 Bloodstream
4 Angel
5 Limitless
6 Mercy
7 To Be Loved
8 Children (Interlude)
9 Children
10 Polaroid
11 Our Generation
12 Lotus Flower
13 Pursuit of Happiness




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