Zarebsky: Piano Works - Marian Mika

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Zarebsky: Piano Works - Marian Mika

Zarebsky: Piano Works - Marian Mika
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Juliusz Zarębski (February 28, 1854 in Zhytomyr, Ukraine - November 15, 1885 in Zhytomyr), Ukraine was a Polish composer and pianist. While Zarębski's regular musical training was viennese, it was in Odessa that he had his debut as a concertist (1874), after spending one extra term at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. That same year he travelled to Rome, where we would become a pupil of Franz Liszt during eight months.

Two years before his death he had to put an end to his career as a virtuoso as he was diagnosed tuberculosis, throwing himself into teaching (he had been appointed professor at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in 1880) and composing. It was in these last years that he composed his most striking music, working in such compositions as the five movements Les roses et les épines on the basis of a rather advanced harmony. Though he continued composing nearly exclusively for the piano, the summit of his output would be his 1885 cyclical Piano Quintet in G minor.

Juliusz Zarębski (1854-1885)


Grande Polnaise op. 6
Les Roses et les Epines op. 13
Berceuse op. 22
Tarantelle op. 25
Walzer op. 27, 2
Melodia op. 27, 5
Walzer op. 27, 6

Marian Mika, Klavier