JOHN ENTWISTLE - Too Late The Hero :MP3 : 38 MB

Posted By: krabouc

JOHN ENTWISTLE - Too Late The Hero :MP3 : 38 MB

The 80s gave us more than its share of truely awful music. As this wave of crap started to wash over us, John Entwistle released Too Late the Hero. It is clearly a product of it's time, but unlike the rest of the music of the time, John's music snaps and pops with sharp lyrics and great playing. Joe Walsh handles guitars and shows why he is among the best in the business with tight, business like playing. An enjoyable treat is the bass/guitar duel in Dancin' Master. The title track again shows that John was a few steps ahead of his contemporaries. The song sounds as if Genesis should have recorded it, minus the Genesis suck factor. There's the sadly prophetic Love is a Heart Attack that has rif that Tool would proudly call their own. The album isn't a stand out like Smash Your Head Against a Wall or Whistle Rymes, but a good and throughly enjoyable listen.


1. Try Me
2. Talk Dirty
3. Lovebird
4. Sleeping Man
5. I'm Coming Back
6. Dancing Master
7. Fallen Angel
8. Love Is A Heart Attack
9. Too Late The Hero