Baroque Music - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 13 CDs

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Baroque Music - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 13 CDs

Baroque (1600-1750)
The Baroque era is the period of musical history from around 1600 to around 1750. This period acquired the name "Baroque" from nineteenth-century historians for its flamboyant, decorative, and expressionistic tendencies. These trademarks can be seen in the two most notable features of Baroque music: complex counterpoint (multiple melodic lines occurring simultaneously) and elaborate ornamentation (improvised "extra" notes that decorate the melody). The development of modern string instruments caused instrumental music to flourish; the most popular genres of instrumental music were the concerto grosso (one or more soloists playing with an orchestra) and the trio sonata (two melodic instruments and a keyboard instrument). However, vocal music held its own as well. Composers continued to write masses and other sacred music, and opera enjoyed immense popularity in Italy.

The two giants of Baroque music were Johann Sebastian Bach and George Frideric Handel. Bach was a church composer from central Germany whose works were never very popular during his lifetime; it was only the "Bach revival" in the nineteenth century that brought him to prominence. Handel, on the other hand, was extremely well-traveled and well-known, and he was asked to compose for royal courts in Germany and England. Other Baroque notables include Antonio Vivaldi, who composed more than five hundred concertos; Dietrich Buxtehude, a master of the organ; Domenico Scarlatti, who brought the keyboard sonata to a new level of perfection; and Jean-Philippe Rameau, who was as famous as a theorist as he was as a composer.

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Baroque Music - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 13 CDs
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01 - Brandenburg Concertos, BWV 1046-1051 - Orchestra of the AOE (Virgin 1999)

02 - Georg Friedrich Händel; Messiah - Pinnock, The English Concert & Choir (Archiv 1990) 2 CDs

03 - Antonio Vivaldi; Le Quattro Stagioni - Tartini; Devil's Trill - Mutter & Trondheim Soloists (DG 1999)

04 - Complete Goldberg Variations 1955-81 'A State of Wonder' - Glenn Gould (Sony 2002) 3 CDs

05 - George Friedrich Händel; Water Music, Music For The Royal Fireworks - Orpheus CO (DG 1992)

03 - Mass in B minor - Gardiner, English Baroque Soloist, Monteverdi Choir (Archiv 1990) 2 CDs

07 - Arcangelo Corelli; Concertos Vol. 2 - Nicholas McGegan & PBO (Harmonia Mundi 2001)

08 -George Frideric Handel; Coronation Anthems - Willcocks, ECO (Decca 1997)

09 - Henry Purcell; Dido and Aeneas - Baker, Lewis, English Chamber Orchestra (Decca 2000)

10 - Bach; Magnificat, Vivaldi; Gloria - Rigby, Hendricks, Murray, Neville Marriner (EMI 1991)

11 - Domenico Scarlatti; Keyboard Sonatas - Mikhail Pletnev (Virgin 1995) 2 CDs

12 - Jean-Philippe Rameau: Pièces de clavecin - Meyerson, Ensemble Sonnerie (Virgin 2001)

13 - Georg Philipp Telemann; Recorder Suite, Viola Concerto, Tafelmusik - Edlinger, CI (Decca 1993)