Piano Music - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 12 CDs

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Piano Music - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 12 CDs

Chamber Music
The body of piano music that we know today reflects the development of keyboard instruments over the last four hundred years. In the Baroque era, the harpsichord was the principal keyboard instrument. The harpsichord works by plucking strings inside the instrument, which makes possible very fast runs. However, all notes on the harpsichord must always be played at the same volume, which limits the expressive possibilities of the instrument. Today much Baroque keyboard music is played on the piano, which, though not what the composer intended, can make for as sublime an experience as any.

In the mid-eighteenth century a new instrument came into style that played by striking wooden hammers against strings, rather than plucking them. It was called a fortepiano, since it could play both loud (forte) and soft (piano). At some point the name got switched around to pianoforte, or just piano for short. The late-eighteenth-century piano was light in tone and very responsive to the player; it was for this instrument that Beethoven wrote his 32 sonatas, which are now the cornerstone of the piano literature.

In the nineteenth century the piano acquired more keys and was strengthened by metal plates and braces, becoming shaped into the instrument we know today. The modern piano produces a full, firm tone at any dynamic level, and nineteenth-century composers took advantage of this new resource to write piano works that called for great virtuosity and expressiveness. Since 1800, all of the great composers have written for piano, and today there is piano music to suit anyone's mood or taste.

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Piano Music - A 'Project Climax' Subcategory - 12 CDs
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01 - Beethoven; Favourite Piano Sonatas - Alfred Brendel (Philips 1994) 2 CDs

02 - Frederic Chopin; Favourite Piano Works - Vladimir Ashkenazy (Decca 1996) 2 CDs

03 - Schubert; Impromptus D899 (Op.90) & D935 (Op.142) - Murray Perahia (Sony 1990)

04 - Bach;

05 - Claude Debussy; Complete Piano Works Vol. 1 - Jean-Yves Thibaudet (Decca 1996) 3 CDs

06 - Brahms; Rhapsodies Op. 79, Piano Pieces Opp. 117-119 - Radu Lupu (Decca 1990)

07 - Beethoven; Die Späten Klaviersonaten - Maurizio Pollini (DG 1997) 2 CDs

08 - Liszt; Favourite Piano Works - Jorge Bolet (Decca 1995) 2 CDs

09 - Mozart; Piano Sonatas - Mitsuko Uchida (Philips 2003) 5 CDs

10 - Aleksandr Scriabin; Horowitz Plays Scriabin - Vladimir Horowitz (RCA 1989)

11 - Bach; The Well-Tempered Clavier 1 & 2 - Rosalyn Tureck (DG 1999) 4 CDs

12 - Haydn; Piano Sonatas Nos. 32, 33, 53, 54 & 58- András Schiff (Teldec 1999) 2 CDs