Ahura - Neyestan

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Ahura - Neyestan

Ahura - Neyestan
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1. Beshno - Listen
2. Shekayat - Complaint
3. Djodai - Separation
4. Nafs - Confsion
5. Atash - Fire of Love
6. Faraq - Longing
7. Sama - Whirling
8. HU - First and Last

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Listen to the story of separation told by a reed.
Since I've been torn away from the reedbed,
I've made this crying sound.
Anyone apart from his origins longs to ge back one day,
Anyone apart from someone he loves, understands what I say.


How keep silence, when every moment our confusion grows more
confused, our desert has no bounds,
our hearts and souls have no rest.
World in world has endless forms, which of these is yours?


My secret is not far from my lament.
It is a light that the eye can't perceive, it is like the soul,
thet no man sees.


He is the first, he is the last.
He is the inner and the outer worlds.
I know none other except YA HU and YA MAN HU.
I'm intoxicated with love.
The two worlds have passed out of my view.