Aimee Mann: I'm With Stupid (1996)

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Aimee Mann: I'm With Stupid (1996)

Aimee Mann: I'm With Stupid
Released: 1996
Genre: Pop-Folk
Size: est. 82MB
Quality: MP3 LAME-encoded “Preset Extreme” (est. 192-320kbps)
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What we're getting here is what we've come to expect from this talented songstress: pop arrangements of literate songs that deal with knotty relationships involving lovers, critics, and corporations. Mann co-wrote a song with Elvis Costello for the final 'Til Tuesday album, and it was an apt pairing. Like Costello at his best, Aimee is equal parts adroit and direct. A couplet like "I came back twice, now I'm the Anti-Christ" or "A thousand compromises don't add up to a single win" may be accompanied by something a little more to the point–"Don't you know you're a fucking freak in this world?" Mann and producer/multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion keep the songs pithy and punchy, bringing on guests like Juliana Hatfield (on the particularly intoxicating "You Could Make a Killing"), Suede alumni Bernard Butler, Michael Penn, Chris Difford, and Glenn Tilbrook for occasional adornment, but mostly maintain a hands-on approach. The result frequently recalls Abby Road-period Beatles, which isn't a bad source.

01. Long Shot
02. Choice In The Matter
03. Sugarcoated
04. You Could Make A Killing
05. Superball
06. Amateur
07. All Over Now
08. Par For The Course
09. You're With Stupid Now
10. That's Just What You Are
11. Frankenstein
12. Ray
13. It's Not Safe

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