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AvaxHome Music Community Requests

Posted By: Bully

AvaxHome Music Community

Requests for Music

Since ages you are searching for a special album out of sale? Chances are high that another AvaxHome member saw this album a few days ago and can publish a link to it to ease your pain!

Like the User Guide, this is also some kind of experiment. Depending on use and abuse this will either be a new service of AvaxHome or just a short temporary offer.

To avoid endless grow of comments resulting in performance problems like 502s :-) I will regulary clean up the omments, so do not write anything useful besides requests and solutions.

Before writing a request PLEASE use the AvaxHome search engine. On left side of each page you will see an edit field to type in keyowrds for searching. If you find a publication, but included links are dead, first try to contact the publisher by sending a personal message. You can find the username in the title line on top of each publication.

Our software developers still fighting for performance will kill me if the page creation of this page takes too much resources. To reduce the number of comments I regulary move the requests to the top list and delete the original comments.

PLEASE help by creating your request in a fixed format, so It can be moved without need for re-edit.


- Artist - Album (- special needs) - Datestamp username

(…) means: use it only if any special needs (like a special format)
Datestamp: YYYYMMDD YYYY=Year, MM=Month DD=Day (the date you write your request)
username: YOUR username (= name of the requester)

For example:

- Luis Alberto Spinetta - PAN - 20060428 clamim
- Martin Denny - any albums - 20060428 devnull
- Meat Loaf - Blind Before I Stop - in lossless format! - 20060428 Prot-X

The datestamp is just to keep track when cleanup is needed. The username allows to contact the user directly by personal mail.


After you solved a request, please leave a comment im this form

the original requestline
(additional info if needed -) datestamp your username

This helps to delete the request from the request list and add your entry to the fulfilled list.