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AvaxHome Music Community User Guide

Posted By: Bully
This is the AMC User Guide - a guide from users to users. It should help you to fully enjoy the great music published on AvaxHome. Please feel free to discuss.. Any suggestions, additions, and even complaints are welcome. The AvaxHome Music Community is a great TEAM of people from all over the world - different cultures, different views, but one aim: to be the BEST Music Community.

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

John Lennon

Latest news


New teamproject: Tangerine Dream

After some delays finding a projectleader, Joz (TNX again Joz!) agreed to handle the project. The project page is online and many albums are already added. Don't miss it - bookmark this link:

AvaxHome Music Community User Guide


New project: Mastermix Classic Cuts - 100 CD set uploaded by a single user!

Many of us remember the days when a single user called Alejx007 was crazy enough to upload 38 Kuschelrock CDs all by himself. OK, it's time now to break Alejx's record :-)

Peetje offered to upload the full 100 CD set of Classic Cuts!

This will be the largest full set ever uploaded for AvaxHome so far. And I repeat: Uploaded by one single user! About 10 GB of music!

The first 10 CDs are out and wait for your downlods here:

It would be great if some users can create mirrors and reuploads when the original files are deleted.


New teamproject: Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs

AvaxHome Music Community User Guide

No loosless… no… just the original release… Unbelievable sound quality…

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL, or "MoFi") is a company that produces audiophile releases of classic CDs and vinyl records. Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab releases are highly desirable due to their attention to detail concerning the audio mastering process….


New service started: Requests for Music

Today we started a new service where you can place requests for music: AMC Requests for Music


AMC User Guide

This is the currently? very empty framework for the AMC User Guide. As I do not have enough time to write everything myself, YOUR help is needed. Everyone can contribute by writing small or larger articles which I will put together inside the publication. There are endless topics: About fileformats, about players, about unpacking files, about handling Rapidshare :-), about handling uploaders and publishers :-)) and so on.

At the end of this Users Guide I will also include a "Fun Section". It will be a new home for some of the great fun which can be found browsing old publications. It will inlcude some great quotes and some great pictures. If you remember such highlights, please PM the urls to me.

I also think about an "Uploader/publisher Section" in front of the fun section. As users have learned that behind every download they click there is a real person working hard for them, it might be no bad idea if some of our famous uploders write a few lines about themselves. Plese think about security, so do not write where your live or what your real name is :-)

Music on AvaxHome - How to find it (Bully 2006-04-22)

Many people are not aware how much music can be found on AvaxHome. In April 2006 AvaxHome holds about 26.000 publications - many of them are music albums. Of course some links in very old publications do no longer work, but many are still waiting for your download.

Most people use the "Home" pages of AvaxHome - this is where you arrive after log in. But these pages contain only a selection of all available publication, just a very small part. It is also a big misunderstanding that these pages would contain all new publications. If a publication is inclduded or not depends on many reasons. In short: If you want to see more music publications, leave the "home" pages and go directly to the music category.

To access the music category of AvaxHome, you can click on the menu entry "Music", use the "Quick Jump Menu" on upper left side of each page or bookmark the direct link: http://avaxhome.ws/music

The music publications are listed in reverse order of publication date - the newest publications are the frist. You are now on so called "index pages" giving you a short overview. To access any publication you like, click on the "read more" link. Now you will see the full publication with all details including links for downloads. When ou're done with a publication, you acn use the "back" key or "back" icon of your browser to go back to the index page.

At the end of each index page is a list of red colored numbers to navigate to other index pages. If you click on "last", you arrive at the last index page. You will notice that even on last index page the dates of the publications are very new. Don't worry, there is much much more :-) Because of performance problems resulting from the very high amount of users and publications, there was no other way as to limit the number of index pages, sorry.

IF you want to browse music albums published before the last index page, just use the Calendar function on right side of every page. Select any date you like and soon you will see all music publications of the date you selected. The red pagenumbers at bottom of index pages are now limited to the date you selected. When you're done, just use Calendar again to go to next or previous date.

OK, using Calendar to browse though the big amount of music publications will keep you busy for some weeks :-) but there is also a different way if you know what you look for. The Search function.

On right side of each page you see an edit field with entry "search" and right side of it a button labeled "Go". Click this edit field and type in any keyword(s) you like. Now press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the "Go" button with your mouse, whatever you prefer. The AvaxHome search engine now creates new index pages for you containing publications fitting to your keyword(s). On top of the publications you find a new edit to type in new or better keywords and a selection how you want the results to be sorted for you.

You can search for artists, albums, categories, what ever you want. "Zappa" will show you all available Frank Zappa albums, "blues" all blues albums and so on. Depending on your keywords you might have bad results. Using "America" to find all albums from the group America will disappoint you. You will soon find a special article here how to use the search engine in a more effective way. For now, please have a look in the main AvaxHome FAQ.