Amr Diab: Tamally Maak::

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Amr Abdel-Baset Diab (born on October 11 1961 in Port Said, Egypt) is one of the most successful singers in the Middle East region. He obtained his bachelor degree on Arabian music in 1986. He sang for the first time when he was only six years old in the ceremonies of July revolution.
The governor of Port Said gave him a guitar present due to his singing talent. In 1982 Amro moved to Cairo upon the request of Hani Shenoda the composer and in the same year he released his first album "Sing from your heart".
He was selected as the most successful pop singer of the Arabic world in 1992. His major albums are Amarain, Awedoony and Welomony.
Moreover, his duets with the France based international superstar Cheb Khaled and with the Greek diva Angela Dimitrou became huge hits across the Middle East.
Most of his 16 albums so far had met wide popularity all over the Arab world and even globally.
He also obtained many local and international prizes in song festivals, including his song Nour El Ain.

In my opinion he is one of the best among Arab singers. He is kind and nice and romantic songs like : Tamally Maak, Ana Ayesh,Awedoony, Saaban Alaya,Aamal aeh, Khalik Fakirney, involves us.
But songs like Wala ala balo ,Qalbi, Mayal, Ahebik Akrahik, Nour el ain, Amarain, Alem Allah, Leily Nahary and so many others with a nice ryhthym, too

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