Anand - Joy 4 Ever(2003)

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Anand - Joy 4 Ever(2003)

Anand - Joy 4 Ever(2003)

78Mb/192Kbs/2003/Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Shred)

Track Listing

1-A Dirty Mind Is A…
2-Blind Date
3-Intimate Dance
4-Meet Mr. Long
5-Get Laid
7-Get Out
10-The One
11-Joy 4 Ever

If you are not a guitar player and firmly believe that guitar instrumental albums are not for you then stop reading 'cause you are only going to get yourself annoyed! However if like me you are partial to some excellent fret board trickery on occasions then you'd do well to take an interest in ANAND.

ANAND the man and his self named band would be the first to admit that the similarities between himself and a certain Joe Satriani are not just a coincidence as it was the great American virtuoso that has been the guiding light in ANAND'S guitar playing career. Rooted firmly in the "Extremist" era Satch ANAND delivers sweeping guitar solos and edgy Metal riffs all wrapped up in an excellent production.

But where does this take us? A good solid and melodic instrumental workout that mixes that aforementioned Satriani and throws in some Eddie Van Halen licks as well.

It's hard to judge an album without vocals but to be honest this isn't in the slightest boring and songs such "Meet Mr. Long" and "Get Laid" provide enough gear shifts and time changes to keep the appetite wetted. The playing is unsurprisingly flawless and backed up with an tight backing band ANAND rock out some very fine Heavy Metal and Hard Rock tracks.

Although this will be strictly limited in appeal a vocalist that can match the inspired playing of ANAND could perhaps turn ANAND into a viable band project which is certainly nothing short of what ANAND deserve.

Anand (Holland-born hard rock guitarist Anand Mahangoe) has released Joy 4 Ever for 2003, which serves up eleven fiery instrumental tracks and a top-notch production job from Anand and Marc Ter Braak. After winning the title of Best Guitar Player of Holland in 1996-97, Anand decided to record his first CD called "A Man's Mind". Joy 4 Ever is the follow up to that incredible debut. If you're looking for amazing guitar solos, Mike Terrana's aggressive drums, mighty bass and thematic keyboards (with a guest keyboard appearance by Derek Sherinian on "Get Laid"), you're in for a real treat. This is yet another Dutch guitarist who can really burn. Instrumental Guitar (Electric (Heavy)/Hard Rock/Shred)


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