Andrei Krylov Best Works 2006

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Andrei Krylov Best Works 2006

Andrei Krylov Best Works (2006)
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Andrei Krylov – guitarist. Classical, flamenco, gypsy, new age and jazz guitar music

Andrei Krylov studied guitar in Music School and University in St.Petersburg, Russia. In 90's he worked as a guitarist for the Russian State Concert company "Lenconcert" and the "Old Petersburg " music theatre. He has given recitals in Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, USA, and Canada. Andrei has recorded and performed for Russian and Canadian Radio and TV channels. He composed original music for films in Russia and USA. His music is used on Time Magazine at: He has recorded and published several albums of guitar music. Currently he performs at concerts, festivals and other events in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. Andrei has been compared favourably to many great guitar players, but has a style uniquely of his own. He is looking forward for any opportunity to present his music to audiences in Canada and worldwide.

I had trouble uploading all the songs in one file so I cut them down in 4 parts. Sorry about that.

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Download Part 3

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