Various Artists - Lazy Dog Volume 2 (Mixed by Ben Watt & Jay Hannan) (2002)

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Various Artists - Lazy Dog Volume 2 (Mixed by Ben Watt & Jay Hannan) (2002)

Various Artists - Lazy Dog Volume 2 (Deep House Music Mixed by Ben Watt & Jay Hannan) (2002)
Rapidshare | 250MB in 1 part | VBR HQ (~210kbps) | Genre: Dance/House

Everything But the Girl's Ben Watt and DJ partner Jay Hannan return with more of the deep house they mixed to dazzling effect on the first Lazy Dog disc. Modeled after the program from their weekly residence at London's Lazy Dog social club, the double-disc Lazy Dog 2 finds the duo energized and dripping with deep house attitude. The duo's interpretations, which are more svelte, elegant, and modern than classic house, include ubiquitous handclaps and cymbal splashes met with salsa keyboard riffs, squawking saxophones, steaming organs, and sped-up vocals (on Peal Orchestra's "No Win Situation" the singer sounds like a prepubescent Michael Jackson). Both DJs confirm their tastes here; Watt indulges in lustrous mixes of vocal stars like Lucy Pearl, Sade, and Sunshine Anderson, while Hannan gives props to movers like Benjamin Diamond, Andy Caldwell (the man behind Sounds of Om, Vol. 2), and DJ Sonic (though he also sneaks in '80s pop star Kim English). The tracks pile-drive along in party mode, never skipping a beat but offering plenty of variation in style, making for a worthy addition to the Lazy Dog canon. –Ken Micallef

Disc: 1
1. It's Yours - Jon Cutler feat. E-Man
2. The Guitar - E-Smoove
3. By Your Side - Sade
4. Destiny - 7th District Inc. feat Beverley T
5. Without You - Lucy Pearl
6. No Win Situation - Peal Orchestra
7. Heard It All Before - Sunshine Anderson
8. Dreamoz - Lith De Lanka
9. In The Music - Deep Swing
10. My Love For You - Patrick Green feat. Nicole Henry

Disc: 2
1. I Can't Wait - Andy Caldwell
2. RocSette's Groove - Unsolicited Dubz
3. Been So Long - Kim English
4. All That I Give - DJ Sonic
5. Sereia - Mundo Azul
6. In Your Arms (We Gonna Make It) - Benjamin Diamond
7. I Know You, I Live You - Yolanda Wyns
8. Supernova - Nova Fronteria
9. Tha Music - Phunkie Souls
10. Summer - Bibi