Farid Farjad : An Ruzha (Thoses Days) (1989)

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Farid Farjad : An Ruzha (Thoses Days) (1989)

Farid Farjad : An Ruzha (Thoses Days) (1989)
Iranian Music (Instrumental : Violin & Piano)
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When Nostalgic oriental melodies are played on Western Instruments

Farid Farjad : An Ruzha (Thoses Days) (1989)

Farid Farjad was born in Tehran in 1938. Upon receiving his masters degree in classical music from the Tehran Music Conservatory in 1966, he won the “First Violin Seat” in the Tehran Symphony Orchestra and was appointed to serve a tenure at the conservatory to teach classical violin.

Farid’s profound knowledge of Persian folk music and his gifted ability to draw on the highly advanced techniques of Western classical music has given life to an innovative style of violin performance in playing Persian music.

In “An Roozha” albums, Farid, with his unique style, has recreated melodies which are reminiscent of sweet memories of the past.

Farid Farjad : An Ruzha (Thoses Days) (1989)

Personal : The album conains 12 tracks of very known (and sometime very nice) iranian melodies. Although this is a CD I own, it has no extra informations and I could not find more on the Internet. So dont hesitate to comment if you know more about the artist and the album.



Enjoy !