Antonio Carlos Jobim - Urubu (1976)

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Antonio Carlos Jobim - Urubu (1976)

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Urubu (1976)
Brazilian Jazz, Bossa Nova
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"For those discovering Jobim and his bossa nova sound, Urubu will come as a surprise: it's neither bossa nor jazz, but a stunning confluence of both, resulting in a heavily-orchestrated type of 'easy listening' that is anything but. Jobim's recognised compositional idiosyncrasies and Claus Ogerman's lush arrangements keep pulling the music (and the listener) away from the deadness of muzak and into an extraordinary soundscape of traditional instruments and Brazilian-style orchestration. A note also has to be made here about the warm, analogue-sounding transfer to cd, which is crystal clear yet light as meringue. If you like the idea of music that slips down like soft ice cream on a hot day, yet doesn't leave any sickly aftertaste, then get this album!!!"
- Curmudgeon "grantc"

1. Bôto (Porpoise)
2. Ligia
3. Correnteza (The Stream)
4. Angela
5. Saudade Do Brasil
6. Valse
7. Arquitetura de Morar (Architecture to Live)
8. O Homem (Man)