Aram Khachaturyan : Gayaneh - Complete Ballet - Djansug Kakhidze, conductor

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Aram Khachaturyan : Gayaneh - Complete Ballet - Djansug Kakhidze, conductor

Aram Khachaturyan : Gayaneh (Complete Ballet) (2 CD) - 1999
Unknown Rip | APE tracks (No Cue+No Log) | Complete Scans | 145 min. | 765 MB
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USSR RTV Large Symphony Orchestra, Djansug Kakhidze, conductor.
Original publication: Melodiya, 1978; this edition: BMG Classics, 1999.
APE tracks (No Cue+No Log) - 765 MB in 4 parts - FileServe ; full booklet in English, German, French

It's a Finnwake Personal Rip (august 2010). Enjoy this wonderful Khachaturyan music. The booklet scans are in b/n.

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Gayaneh [Gayane]
RCA/BMG #63459 (2 CDs)

Composed originally in 1942. This recording is based from the 1957 revised version. The Full Orchestral Score of the 1957 revision is available on the
Aram Khachaturyan Collected Works in 24 volumes, vol.7-8-9, State Publishers "Muzyka", Moscow 1988

There is one "complete" performance of the Khachaturyan ballet. It was at one time on Melodiya in 1978 and was last issued by BMG Entertainment in 1999. It features a stirring performance by the USSR RTV Large Symphony Orchestra, Djansug Kakhidze conducting. The Act I "Lezhginka" here receives an extraordinary performance, with rhythmic complexity totally absent from all other recordings, even the Lazarov. (Aram Khachaturian himself was Artistic Supervisor for the recording.) The entire ballet is well worth adding to your collection and I cannot recommend it highly enough, with one caveat. If you love Gayane's "Adagio" (or Lullaby), don't expect to find it on this 2-CD set. For reasons which entirely escape me, the whole 4-½ minute sequence is omitted! This was a major disappointment. Otherwise, the performance is pure revelation and casts a tall shadow over all the excerpt recordings. But, if you want Gayane's "Adagio", stick with the Decca recording with Khachaturian conducting.


Track List:

Cd 1 (27 tracks; 75'31"):

[1] Prelude (Tempo di marcia)

Prologue (Friendship)
[2]1.Chase (Allegro)
[3] 2.Dance of the Friends [Armen and Georgi] (Allegro)
[4] 3.Approaching Storm (Allegro)
[5] 4.Storm (Allegro con calore - Allegro vivace - Maestoso sostenuto)

Act I - Scene 1 (Spring)
[6] 5. Scene of Embroidering of a Rug [Gayaneh and Maidens] (Allegro)
[7] 6.Lezghinka [Dance of the Boys] (Allegro vivace)
[8] 7.Uzundara [Dance of Nuneh and the Maidens] (Allegretto)
[9] 8.Gayaneh's Dance (Moderato)
[10] 9.Awaiting the Hunters (Allegro - Andante)
[11] 10.Duet Gayaneh-Armen (Andante)

Scene 2 (Recovery)
[12] 11.Musical Entr'acte (Allegro)
[13] 12.Ayesha's Recovery [Dance of Gayaneh, Nuneh and Ayesha] (Andante - Allegro)
[14] 13.Scene and Duet Ayesha-Georgi (Andante - Appassionato - Andante)
[15] 14.Ayesha's Dance (Allegro molto)
[16] 15.Scene Ayesha-Armen (Allegro giocoso - Lento - Allegretto giocoso - Andante)
Act II - Scene 3 (Jealousy)
[17] 16.Karen's Trail (Tempo di marcia)
[18] 17.Maiden's Dance (Allegro)
[19] 18.Dance of Armen and Georgi (Moderato)
[20] 19.Dance of Nuneh and Karen (Allegro ma non troppo)
[21] 20.Scene and Common Dance (Moderato - Andantino)
[22] 21.Quarrel of Georgi and Armen (Allegretto - Allegro)
[23] 22.March (Allegro)
[24] 23.Scene Ayesha-Gayaneh (Andante)

Scene 4 (Crime)
[25] 24.Scene in the Mountains (Andante sostenuto - Moderato)
[26] 25.Armen's Song (Tempo di marcia)
[27] 26.Armen's Accident (Allegro agitato - Andante - Moderato - Allegro - Andante)

Cd 2 (24 tracks, 67'19"):

Scene 5 (Love)
[1] 27.Gayaneh's Scene [Awaiting Armen] (Moderato)
[2] 28.Gayaneh's Dance (Allegro sostenuto)
[3] 29.Blind Armen (Andante)
[4] 30.Scene Gayaneh-Armen (Poco più mosso)
[5] 31.Love Duet Gayaneh-Armen (Andantino - Andante)
[6] 32.Scene Georgi-Armen (Allegro moderato)
[7] 33.Georgi's Monologue (Andante - Moderato - Andante)

Act III - Scene 6
[8] 34.Village in the Mountains (Andante sostenuto)
[9] 35.Ayesha's Monologue [Memory of Georgi) (Allegro)
[10] 36.Highlanders' Dance (Allegro)
[11] 37.Young Highlanders' Dance (Andante - Allegretto - Allegro vivace)
[12] 38.Ayesha's Solitude (Allegro)
[13] 39.Georgi's Scene. Duet Ayesha-Georgi (Molto espressivo - Andantino - Appassionato)
[14] 40.Georgi's Departure (Allegro)

Scene 7 (Expiation)
[15] 41.Harvest Festival (Allegro)
[16] 42.Shalokho [Men's Dance] (Allegro)
[17] 43.Nuneh's Dance (Allegro vivo)
[18] 44.Maidens' Dance with Tambourines (Allegretto)
[19] 45.Hunters' Arrival and Scene with Karen (Allegro)
[20] 46.Armen Recovers his Sight (Moderato)
[21] 47.Duet Gayaneh-Armen (Andante)
[22] 48.Sabre Dance (Presto)
[23] 49.Common Dance [Waltz] (Allegro)
[24] 50.Finale [Georgi's Confession] (Allegro - Presto - Meno Mosso - Andante)

Total Duration: 144' 50"

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Part 2
Part 3
Part 4