Diane Arkenstone - Jewel In The Sun (2002)

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Diane Arkenstone - Jewel In The Sun (2002)

Diane Arkenstone - Jewel In The Sun (2002)
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Soothing, inspiring, mysterious, angelic - Diane's music envelops you like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night, and takes you on an inner journey filled with discovery and adventure!

"My hope is for my music to help people feel good and empowered about themselves or whatever they choose… Music can be very hypnotic and invigorating. Gregorian chants for instance, energize the body from the inside and yet help keep the mind calm. I hope the same with my music. Music is the universal language and what a wonderful and positive bond between people on this planet. What a quick way to friendship."
from an interview with New Age Voice magazine

Diane Arkenstone - Jewel In The Sun (2002)

1. Jewel In The Sea_____6:35 | 9.05 Мб
2. Adrift______________5:20 | 7.32 Мб
3. Under The Blue Sky___5:06 | 7.01 Мб
4. Beyond Borders______6:07 | 8.39 Мб
5. Mirror Of Sand_______6:14 | 8.56 Мб
6. Ethereal Rain________5:16 | 7.24 Мб
7. The Elektrik Sky______5:10 | 7.09 Мб
8. Skin 2 Skin__________6:46 | 9.30 Мб

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