Bananarama - 12' of Bananarama 2006

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Bananarama - 12' of Bananarama 2006

Bananarama - 12' of Bananarama 2006

It is with great hope that this album does relatively well. Rumour is that WSM is considering a second volume– likely to include "I Can't Help It" and "Love in the First Degree" as well as some alternate mixes of the tracks included here. Definitely check out the "Digital Mix" of "Cruel Summer", which is a brand new mix created from the original tapes. There was never a proper 12" mix of this song, so one was brilliantly made using the standard mix as well as elements of the dub version.

These remixes have never sounded better!!! Kudos for using the brilliant "Hot Power Mix" of "Love, Truth & Honesty". It is, by far, the best mix of this song and most unlike the album version. Well done!!!

Artist: Bananarama
Album: The Twelve Inches Of Bananarama
Genre: Pop
Year: 2006
Total Time: 01:18:21
Total Size: 107 Mb
Bitrate: 191kbps


1 [04:02] Bananarama - Really Saying Something
2 [05:53] Bananarama - Shy Boy
3 [06:03] Bananarama - Cruel Summer
4 [07:23] Bananarama - Venus
5 [08:46] Bananarama - More Than Physical
6 [08:18] Bananarama - Trick Of The Night
7 [05:54] Bananarama - I Heard A Rumour
8 [09:18] Bananarama - Love Truth And Honesty
9 [05:12] Bananarama - Nathan Jones
10 [06:33] Bananarama - Only Your Love
11 [07:20] Bananarama - Preacher Man
12 [03:39] Bananarama - Tripping On Your Love