Bilion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe 1977

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Bilion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe 1977

Bilion Dollar Babies - Battle Axe 1977

As their former frontman continued his popular theatrical antics, three members of the original band (guitarist Michael Bruce, bassist Dennis Dunaway, and drummer Neal Smith) formed the band Billion Dollar Babies, named after the 1973 Alice Cooper album and song. With keyboardist Bob Dolin and guitarist Mike Marconi rounding out the quintet, the band recorded only one album, on which they played straight-ahead rock and roll similar to the music they made with Alice Cooper.

Bruce handles vocal duties (as he sometimes did on the first two albums). His voice is less menacing than Cooper's, though he usually sounds like he is mimicking his style. There's nothing great on Battle Axe, but it is consistently energetic and entertaining, and withstands comparison to the albums the band did with Cooper.

Track Listing:

Too Young (Bruce/Marconi/Smith)
Shine Your Love (Bruce/Marconi)
I Miss You (Bruce/Marconi/Smith)
Wasn't I The One (Bruce/Marconi)
Love Is Rather Blind (Bruce/Smith/Daye)
Rock n' Roll Radio (Dunaway/Marconi/Smith/Jeffords/Douglas)
Dance With Me (Bruce/Marconi)
Rock Me Slowly (Bruce)
Ego Mania (Bruce/Dolin/Dunaway/Marconi/Smith)
Battle Axe (Bruce/Dolin/Dunaway)/Sudden Death (Dolin)
Winner (Bruce/Dunaway)