Beres Hammond - Can't Stop A Man [2003] 2CD Compilation

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Beres Hammond - Can't Stop A Man [2003] 2CD Compilation

Beres Hammond - Can't Stop A Man [2003]
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Beres Hammond is by far one of the smoothest voices that reggae has had to offer. This album is a variety of his music over the years and is worth having in your collection.If you have never heard of Beres Hammond,buy this CD and you'll be an instant fan.
Every song is worth playing again and again…..


This is a compilation of Beres Hammonds most loved songs. A so called 'Best of'. I have to admit that it is still pretty new to me as I hadn't taken the time to listen to him until last week. I am still amazed and have listened to this album every day since then. It is juuuuuust great!
Some amazon reviews..(sorry!)
1. Wow!!! What a collection…
A MUST HAVE for any music collector.
If you buy only one cd this time, this should be it.
Culture, Dance, Roots, Lovers Rock and much more…
Beres Hammond has been the backbone of Reggae Music for years and this cd shows why.

2. Beres Hammond, Beres Hammond, Beres Hammond. He is the greatest smoothest romantic voice I have heard in a while. For sure their "ain't nothing like good all dance hall vibes" his music is definetly as sweet as wine. It's weird that i had no idea who had sang some of my favorite reggae love songs because most were in compilation CD's that friends had given me. When I actually did a little research to find out who actually sang the songs, I found out that most of them were by Mr.Beres. For that reason, I went out and bought "can't stop a man, the best of" I absolutely loved the CD. It makes you want to cry and smile and if you are in love, it makes you fall even furthur. EVEN BETTER it sometimes can do all the talking for you. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS BUY IT!

3. Beres Hammond is known around the world for his smooth reggae vibe. This collection of his best features the hits "No Disturb Sign", "Pull it Up", "What one dance can do", "They gonna talk", and many more. The only song missing is "Reggae Calling" from the In Control album. That song would have definately made this compilation complete. Even if you are not a reggae fan, check out this album and you will experience the sweet vibes of reggae…

I think you get the idea!


01. One step ahead (3:40)
02. I'm so in love (3:51)
03. Last war (4:02)
04. Groovy little thing (3:29)
05. What one dance can do (4:12)
06. She loves me now (3:58)
Beres Hammond - Can't Stop A Man [2003] 2CD Compilation

07. Tempted to touch (3:08)
08. Putting up resistance (3:48)
09. Come back home (3:39)
10. Full attention (3:59)
11. Who say (3:09)
12. Live on (3:08)
13. Double trouble (3:31)
14. Step aside (4:00)
15. Love means never to say you're sorry (3:51)
16. Show it off (4:06)
17. Doctor's orders (3:13)
18. My wish (3:06)
19. Sweetness (4:03)
20. Sugar you want (3:45)
21. Preacher Man (3:52)
22. Left Me Crying (3:44)
23. I Could Beat Myself (4:03)
24. No Disturb Sign (4:24)
25. Can't Stop A Man (3:49)
26. Love From A Distance (3:47)
27. Sweet Lies (3:51)
28. Call On The Father (3:50)
29. Warriors Don't Cry (3:13)
30. Queen & Lady (3:14)
31. Hold On (3:48)
32. Can You Play Some More (3:33)
33. They Gonna Talk (3:55)
34. Rockaway (3:53)
35. Ain't It Good To Know (3:57)
36. Come Down Father (4:03)
37. Ain't that Loving You (3:48)
38. Dancehall Vibes (4:13)
39. Giving Thanks (6:05)


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Beres Hammond - Can't Stop A Man [2003] 2CD Compilation

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