Beseech - Drama (2004)

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Beseech  - Drama (2004)

Beseech - 2004 - Drama
Gothic Metal | MP3 VBR V0 80 Mb | 40:10

Country: Sweden
Label: Napalm Records
Official website:

Vocals: Lotta Hoglin [2000-]
Vocals: Erik Molarin [2001-]
Guitars: Robert Spanglund [Vintervind] [1992-]
Bass: Daniel Elofsson [1998-]
Drums: Jonas Stromberg [1998-]
Keyboards: Mikael Back [2000-]

Former members:
Vocals: Jorgen Sjoberg [1992-2001]
Guitars, vocals: Klas Bohlin [1992-2003]
Bass: Andreas Wiik [1992-1998]
Bass: Tony Lejvell [1994-1994]
Drums: Morgan Gredaker [1992-1998]

The year 2003 finds Beseech without one of their former guitarists and main song-writer of the band up to “Soul’s Highway”, Klas Bohlin. Now the only former member of the band is the other guitarist of the band, Robert Sp?nglund, that bears the burden to write most of the songs of Beseech in “Drama” (2004). The album continues from the moment “Soul’s Highway” ended sounding more melodic, more various and heavier (maybe because of the good production). It is obvious now that the doom/death days have passed without return and the path that Beseech will follow is the one of gothic “metal”.
The lyrics remain deeply esoteric and emotional dealing with the human esotericism and pacing totally with the emotional music of Beseech. What can someone notice is that the production of “Drama” is the best that Beseech ever had with every instrument being heard clearly, the keyboards participate more in the compositions and Lotta Ho"glin participates more in singing, as she did in “Soul’s Highway”. The cover of the booklet for one more time is enchanting and filled with beautiful colours and we can see that the logo of the band has changed seeming more beautiful. By the way, I really wonder what did the narrow-minded metalheads thought when they saw Erik wearing eye-liner on his pictures in the booklet, I really liked it!
“Drama” is the first composition and begins the album in an appropriate way! A deeply emotional composition with Erik interpreting in an unequalled way the melancholic lyrics that compare life to a “drama”, a “show that must keep on going”. “Higher Level” is a magnificent up-tempo composition with heavy guitar riffing and both Lotta and Erik giving their best!
“Voices” that follows is a composition that sounds to me deeply inspired by Type O Negative, a good one though. “Forever Falling”, a good soft composition with Lotta enchanting the listener with her expressive voice, that follows reminded me somehow of Katatonia musically. “Bitch” comes next and turns on the volume with the heavy guitar riffing; a very inspired compositions with Lotta and Erik showing for one more time their vocal abilities!
“Addicted” continues the album in up-tempo melodies as “Bitch” did, both heavy and filled with emotion. “Come on In” follows and fills the atmosphere with violet colours and melancholic sounds (can you hear the beautiful gothic rock guitar chords?), definitely one of the best songs of the album! And “Drama” closes, “the curtains closing down”, with “Friend Emptiness” which is a mid-tempo composition with both calm and heavier moments, being just a good song.
“Drama” is a must for all the Beseech fans and an alternative option for the fans of gothic metal! This album has many really beautiful compositions!
“But the show must keep on going
And the show goes on…”


01. Drama
02. Higher Level
03. Voices
04. Forever Falling
05. Bitch
06. Addicted
07. Come on in
08. Friend Emptiness


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